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10 Untold Facts About Marleyans And Eldians – You are not Aware

The anime “Attack on Titan” is truly a sensation for the fans. The series gained so much popularity worldwide. If you are a fan of “Attack on Titan,” you may be interested in interesting facts related to this series. This guide discusses some unknown facts about the Eldians and Marleyans. 

History Of Eldians And Marleyans

The people of Eldia live as a primitive tribe in ancient times. Eldian tribe looted and raided people who opposed, even gouging out the eyes of enslaved people who disobeyed and also cut the tongues of their slaves. 

Almost 2,000 years ago, a slave girl named Ymir gained the Power of Titans. The Eldian rulers use the powers of this girl against the enemy nation, particularly Marley. Ymir died 13 years later while defending her king. Then her powers were inherited by her daughters. They spread her powers in Nine Titans. With the help of the power of Titans, established the Ymir Empire. 

Marley was a powerful nation earlier. However, almost 2,000 years back, Ymir, a slave of the Eldian, gained the Titan’s powers. King uses her abilities to defeat Marley and force them to surrender. One Marleyans attempted to kill the king, but Ymir killed instead of the king. After her death, her power passed to Nine Titans. So using her powers, the Eldians nation warred against many nations, resultantly destroying them and gaining complete rule over the mainland. It is the start of the Dark Ages.  

Eldians And Marleyans – An Overview

Eldia is located on Pardis Island. This race turns into Titans when they inject it with a serum. In previous times, Eldians used Titans to create their empire and used this to take their land back. On the other hand, Marley nation is located beyond the walls and across the ocean on Paradis Island. 

Once the Marley conquer by Eldia but in the Great Titan War, Marleyans dominated Eldia territory except for the Paradis Island. Marley is the main rival to Eldians inside the Walls of Paradis Island with Titans so that they remain inside. Marleyans reveals war on their Island. The population of Eldians is 100 million, while on the other hand, Marleyans population is around 3 million. When it states that there are more refugees in the North, it represents that there are more Eldians in actually.

People of Marleyans and Eldians have many things in common. These two races have quite different views on the world and their living styles. Firstly Marleyans and Eldians are human beings that have some unique cultures. Eldians may live in Pardis Island, while Marleyans live in the various kingdoms worldwide.

10 Unknown Facts About Marleyans And Eldians

Here we discuss some of the unknown facts about the Eldians and Marleyans you might do not know. Let’s have a look. 

Fact # 1  

Eldians are the largest population. However, they are not the only race worldwide; many other races are too. Other races include Marleyans, who live on an Island called Paradis Island, or the Abners, who live notably in the mountains of Division.

Fact # 2  

It is doubtful that these two races exist together peacefully. As both are on the opposite side of a war, they never face each other. Besides, Eldians have some superiority over Marleyans; they have the power of Titans. On the other hand, Marleyans don’t have that power, so it makes Marleyans an oppressed minority than they already were. 

Fact # 3  

Eldians and Marleyans belong to the world of Avatar, who fight for hundreds of years. The Eldians have a special power called “Halo,” a metal bracelet that the Eldians wear on their wrists. However, Marleyans were attracted to this technology, as the Halos made for their soldiers.  

Fact # 4  

Marleyans and Eldians are both humans. Eldians have “Marbles,” a third eye that Eldians from which they can see farther than humans present in between their eyebrows. 

Fact # 5  

An interesting fact is that Marleyans have 85 years. No one knows the reason behind this, but it assumes that it bounds with the tetanus virus. When Eldians reach 80 years, they develop wrinkles as their skin stretches with passing the time. It is due to Eldians being born with an 80 percent chance of being non-benders or benders. 

Fact # 6  

Marleyans and Eldians both have a rough and long history. The first Marleyan was created with the help of an experiment on human beings, and the first Eldians was created about 20,000 years ago. Till today they still tangle as enemies and oppressors.

Fact # 7  

The Eldians were created when the first experiment had African, Asian, Native American, Caucasian, and Hispanic ethnicities. 

Fact # 8  

At the time of the first experiment, Marleyans were created by people in space. 

Fact # 9 

The Eldians Empire and the Marleyans are two strong cultures. One ruler is the most feared leader worldwide, while the other is respected for their determination and power. 

Fact # 10 

Eldians and Marleyans are two other races on Earth. However, both races have an ability called “eidetic memory,” which is not very common in other races. The main issue is that they cannot pass this ability to others. If you are not born with this ability, you cannot get that ability. It might be why they have always been in a persistent state of war against each other. 

Bottom Line

Eldians and Marleyans, both of the races, have different cultures like they have other languages, and the history of this nation is also very different. However, they also have some things in common. Eldians was a freed nation, while the Marleyans could never be free.



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