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14 Reasons Guys Keep Distance Themselves After Intimacy

Reasons Guys Keep Distance Themselves After Intimacy

The intimacy of two people attracted to each other is perhaps the most beautiful experience on earth. But nothing spoils her as much as a man who leaves as soon as possible after her intercourse and doesn’t answer calls and texts. After a fantastic night, you wonder why he was suddenly absent even though everything was going well. 

If this isn’t the first time you’ve met a perfect guy who magically disappears after a good night, it’s time to get the answers you need. And this article will give you right away. Read on for the truth behind this infamous man’s escape.

Do Men Change After Spending A Night?

Before sharing dating advice and exploring the possible causes of men’s strange behavior after physical contact with women, he should explain the chemical factor first. Sex changes men’s consciousness, and in most cases, men are not even aware of it. Have you noticed how he loses his strength after a fantastic night out with your man? He usually ceases to be interested in physical contact. It can upset every woman. So what is happening?

Why do guys distance themselves after intimacy?

It seems to be a chemical blackout. After orgasm, men enter the refractory period, a period of recovery. Studies have shown that men release serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, and the hormone prolactin during ejaculation. Prolactin suppresses dopamine release (necessary to experience desire and motivation) and is associated with drowsiness and sexual satisfaction.

Oxytocin (a binding hormone) and vasopressin (both released during orgasm) are also associated with drowsiness, contributing to a relaxed state after orgasm. It is why men move away after sex. So, if you notice that men behave differently after sex, you now know why. You can have great sex, and suddenly you feel like he’s not in you, so keep that in mind.

14 Reasons Why do Guys Distance Themselves After Intimacy

You know how he treats you before you get close to a man, and you act like you won’t survive if he leaves you. Then you will notice that his attention and energy have been depleted as you get close to him. So some people ask why men distance themselves after being intimate. Here are some reasons why this output is occurring:

1. He No longer Needs You after Having sex

Men enjoy chasing women for a variety of reasons. First, it helps them determine how much they like women. They also like to compete, flirt, and play games suitable for the ego. They love the feeling of winning their girlfriend more than any other guy and knowing that one of her girls has fallen in love with her by becoming intimate with her. Then the rush sometimes stops. I do not necessarily mean that he is not in you. He turned out something and weakened his initial excitement. But some men are cleaned because they are entirely lost after achieving their goals. He will have never been to you.

When you attract a man, he naturally thinks primarily about sex. He devotes his time and energy to entertaining and seducing you. Consciously or unconsciously, he is waiting for something (and this is sex) in return. If he gets what he wants, his curiosity is satisfied. That’s why it’s so important to play the game a little longer, make him wait, slowly fall in love with you and get him interested in something other than sex. It will make him want to have a more serious and long-term relationship with you. To make the situation worse, he needs to know and love you as a person. If you challenge him, he will realize that you are worth what he did. Let him know that intimacy makes you unique and that everything will become even more special.

2. He no longer needs this relationship 

Even if a man wants to have sex with you, he is not ready to have sex with you. One thing about men is that it can be difficult to tell whether they are in love with you or want to satisfy your physical needs. You can tell when you are sensitive to specific patterns of his behavior and affection for you. For example, a man may love you, but he may not be ready to settle down yet. He may have mentioned it to you, but you may not have interpreted it correctly.

3. He only has a terrible intention to sleep with you once 

Some people only approach you once and want to leave once you reach your goal. Some of them will make various appointments to help you accommodate their needs. After you succumb and notice that he has moved away from intimacy, he may have accomplished his goal and moved on.

4. He wants to acquire the status of the relationship 

Some men can use intimacy as a tactic to find out whether you love them or not. If you ask men why do guys distance themselves after intimacy, they’ll want to see what you do next. He will probably want to make sure you are a good fit for him before taking the next step. What he does after he gets close to him will determine whether he returns to you.

5. He is not willing to go fast

Even if a guy is interested in you, he may not be ready to move at the speed you want. As a result, he can get lost and wonder why men distance themselves after being intimate. You have to reassure him that you will have the patience to solve the problem. You can also give him a little space and a little distraction so he can start missing you.

6. He didn’t like being with you 

If he isn’t happy in bed with you, he can move away from you, making you wonder why men distance themselves after being intimate. To find out if this is true, you can talk to him about how the sexual encounter saw his reaction. The best thing is here that ask him to make sex better for the next time.

7. He considers himself inferior to you

If you find out that he’s gone away from a close relationship, he feels less about him. Some people may feel that they continue to fail without knowing how to get feedback after having sex. So if you ask why men distance themselves after being intimate, you can tell how well he did.

8. He doesn’t want to give you any hopes

Some people want what they can get from their bodies. Once you’re satisfied, they disappear, and you can come back later. If you’re wondering why men disappear after being intimate, this could be one of the reasons. He probably likes your character. But he doesn’t want to deceive you and break your heart.

9. Because he’s in love with someone else 

One of the most surprising reasons men distance themselves after being intimate is because they can fall in love with another person. Approaching you, for this reason, is embarrassing and shameful. They want a divorce, and they want to go away and forget that you have been so close. Because deep down, you need someone else. It is harrowing, especially for those who like it. But trying to promote themselves with the illusion that they’re just confused or unsure who they like is usually not the answer. If you understand that this guy is obsessed with an outdated ex, don’t convince her that he will “get over” quickly.

10. Because he didn’t enjoy the sex

One reason why do guys distance themselves after intimacy is that intercourse, in general, didn’t work for them. It’s not what the girl wants to hear, but it’s happening. Based on the experiences of friends and colleagues, it can be said that women do not like sex more often than men. In practice, however, the reverse also happens. And when that happens, the guy won’t say things like, “I just didn’t feel the chemistry, sorry.” Most of the time, he’s making excuses for having to find a job or a house to feed his dogs. Maybe he does. But if the sex worked out for him, he would have wanted to go two laps.

11. Because they are timid

Some men have severe problems with the coronary space in their heart, causing their breasts to pump and bleed. And I’m not talking about physical problems. They fear intimacy or use it as a weapon. Often you don’t even know what you’re doing. They know they need love but get very scared and run away as soon as they feel it begins. Proximity points can help you reach people and find true love and intimacy. If you are dealing with a man who has these problems, building relationships as you move forward is difficult but not impossible.

12. Because he does not like the cuddles more  

Some men hate pillow stories and hugs. It’s not that having sex with you is disgusting or anything like that. It’s just that they become avoidant after sex. I’m not saying it’s good, except for chemical justification. It’s suspicious. But what is it? The time when primitive man had to pack up a sleeping bag and flee in case a predator approaches may be partly cultural and partly biological. It’s not necessarily romantic. And to turn such a man into a more patient and attentive lover requires slow and constant efforts.

13. Because someone ditched him in love

Another reason men distance themselves after being intimate may be that they’ve burned out in love in the past. They enjoy spending time with anyone. And they enjoy talking, having sex, and being active. But they have another part that calls them out before they get hurt. They trusted someone with their heart, but remember the last slippery slope when someone stabbed a knife in their back or disappointed. It can encourage his instinct to leave as soon as possible and avoid getting emotionally entangled with you.

14. Because he is a sex addict and a playboy 

One of the most frustrating reasons men distance themselves after intimate relationships maybe because they are sex addicts and gamblers. They wanted to roll the hay and have a good time, but there was nothing else. However, since they are players, they can mislead you or tempt you to suggest romance or personal relationships. And after sex, it’s as cold as the north wind. What do you offer? It is typical cold player behavior. The endless pursuit of one-night stand adventures can quickly turn into an addiction rather than just a lifestyle. Frankly, this is the behavior of an emotionally immature and psychologically traumatized person. Being on the receiving end can make you feel pretty bad.

How to tackle the situation?

Once you’ve learned the possible reasons why guys distance themselves after intimacy, the next step is to figure out what to do with this knowledge, what to do if a man leaves after intimacy. One of the first steps men take to understand why they distance themselves after being intimate is to give them some space. It will make sure they understand what they want so you can maintain your respect. If you keep clinging to it non-stop, you’ll get even angrier and leave forever.


If you think he’ll be with you after being intimate, you know he doesn’t want to be around you. Then, after consulting with friends, you find that the question of why men distance themselves after being intimate is on the lips of almost everyone. Thanks to the information contained in this article, you can now better understand why he moved away after meeting him.

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