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Can couples make money on Onlyfans? and how much

Onlyfans In 2022

Do couples make money on Onlyfans?

Onlyfans has been gaining much popularity since 2020. Top-ranked models, celebrities, and influencers are making content for Onlyfans and earning millions of dollars. According to some sources, top earners earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per month on Onlyfans. There are approximately 4,50,000 content creators on this platform.

Onlyfans is a subscriber-based site. Many of your audience and subscribers are willing to pay for your content when you update your content. In addition, it is the platform that facilitates the exchange between fans and their favorite content creators. 

You can make money by posting exclusive content. Methods to make money on this platform are collecting a monthly subscription fee from your fans, creating exclusive PPV content, and charging people to join your live stream. You have to make a marketing strategy and plan before your start on Onlyfans. Furthermore, if you want to get immediate success as a couple, you have to advertise your content on different social media platforms. These platforms would be the same as the other social media platforms, but you can earn more money by subscriptions. 

Tips And Tricks For Couples To Make Money On Onlyfans?

If you want to make money with Onlyfans, you have to figure out a specific niche of an audience with the help of paid subscription. 

1. Teach Something Different

The idea of selling online courses is flourishing now more than ever. If you have some excellent skills, you should build a group audience that wants to learn some different skills. Here we mention some basic ideas from which you can get the benefit.

  • Teach any language, especially English.
  • You can teach your audience how to cook and make recipes.
  • Always share different ideas to make crafts and DIY projects. 

You have to make your content extra valuable so that people will pay happily for your content. 

2. Always Post Exclusive Content

You should post exclusive content on your Onlyfans account. For that, your content should be “exclusive.” However, it doesn’t mean it has to be sexual, but it should be unique. 

3. Post Your Content Regularly 

It is an excellent idea if you are a fitness guru or personal trainer. Although if you are not professional, you should post something for the people who follow you to make money on Onlyfans. You can post, for example:

  • You can host any dance class.
  • Host a Yoga class.
  • You can teach your audience how to roller skate.

How Do Couples Earn Money On Onlyfans?

Some content creators make millions of dollars on Onlyfans, so earning on Onlyfans is not a difficult task. Recently a couple gave an interview, and it was shocking for everyone that they are earning around $500k monthly. This couple posts sexual content. People enjoy the content that helps them create a large number of followers on their fan page. So before starting your page as a couple, you have to make sure that you should select a specific niche. However, you can earn on Onlyfans as a couple with the help of the following tips. 

Set Up A Fan Base

The first step to earning big on Onlyfans is to set up a fan base. You can make your fan base through other social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, etc. These platforms have been an excellent tool for content creators to promote their content. Furthermore, you can attract the audience to your page by starting with a subscription-free page, so in this way, you can attract more subscribers by posting quality content. If you post adult content with your wife, you should post trailer-type content that attracts many subscribers, which can urge your audience to buy your content. After you gain enough audience, you can sell your content by various methods. 


Their paywalls are safe for selling your content. Once you have built your strong fan following, you should post content as per view. You can also advertise your content on other social media platforms. You can also advertise on your subscription-free account. If you have a strong audience and enjoy their content, they buy it. 

Get Tipped For Your Content.

A fantastic feature of Onlyfans is that you can get tipped for every content creator. Content creators enjoyed the benefits of this feature. If you are producing high-quality exclusive content and this content can not be provided by any other platform, your subscribers willingly pay you tips. 

You can also ask for tips from your fans, but it will be great if they willingly pay you because of their high-quality content. Many couples on Onlyfans are creating content on this platform and are earning millions of dollars by personal tips on this platform. 

Give Discounts To Your Subscribers.

You can make your subscribers happy by giving them various types of discounts. If you are the one who posts content daily and you want to earn more money, then announce a discount with the timer on it with an expiry date. It can create interest in your audience to pay quickly as soon as possible so that they do not miss the discount. But do not give the tips or deals too often, so it may be a sense of injustice for your old subscribers who were paying you full money. 

You Can Collaborate With Other People.

Your audience wants to see exclusive adult content from their favorite content creators. You can also unite or collaborate with a famous couple of content creators. It can assist you in boosting your audience and earnings. You should announce your collaborations on your social media accounts and advertise your content as much as possible.

Is There Any Privacy Issue For Couples On Onlyfans?

It is a secure platform to work as a couple. Onlyfans has particular policies that protect your content or data from other users. They have introduced several features to safeguard the range of their users. If you have issues with the security of the Onlyfans, you can earn on this platform by not revealing your face. For better security, Onlyfans provides a geo-blocking feature for its users. This feature allows you to remove countries or states from your list; these blocked countries, states, and cities cannot watch your content.


Couples can easily make money on Onlyfans; it is elementary to build a fan page on Onlyfans. If you create high-quality and on-demand content, it will assist you in better engagement with your fans. So in that way you can make a considerable amount of money on Onlyfans. 

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