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How Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode In The Manga Series?

How Does Naruto Learn Sage Mode In The Manga Series?

The Way Naruto Learn Sage Mode In The Manga Series?

Naruto is an anime character in the manga series; he is on a mission to save Sasuke. Naruto gained power from both the Sage of Nine-Tailored fox and Six Paths, which gave him the ability to go into the new Mode that is Sage Mode, and save the leaf village. In this Mode, he uses the Ryumyaku chakra, which gives him different strength, speed, and stamina. 

Sage Mode is a state in which a person enters by blending natural energy with a person’s chakra. It opens its users to the natural force of this world. Sage made permits for increased power and heightened senses, permitting the users to utilize the forces of nature. Sage mode is the power of Naruto. Naruto learns sage Mode in Episode 154 when he goes to the mountains. 

However, Senjutsu Chakra in anime manga movies refers to energy produced when a person enters into the Sage mode. Chakra and natural energy blend to create Senjutsu chakra. Then this energy is used by the users in their Sage Mode. However, to enter this state, one’s should take control of his body’s natural energy. 

Naruto is the most popular character in the manga anime series globally. He is the only person who saves the world from evil. He gains training for many years to end this evil threat. Then he finally came to know how does this ends. However, it was not easy as there were many enemies he had faced. He has to meet them to make them fail in their plans.

When Did Naruto Learn Sage Mode In The Anime Series?

When he knew that pain had to kill Jiraiya, Narito continued to train in Sage Mode in Episode 154 of Naruto Shippuden. Until Episode 156, we didn’t see Naruto Master Sage. Naruto, the anime series hero, to learn the use of Senjutsu, went to Mount Myoboku. He traveled far south, and then on Jiraiya’s old frog summon, he crossed a forest. In his way, he fought with Yagura. He can defeat him with the help of Fukasaku. 

However, Naruto learns the Sage Mode in episode 6 of Naruto Shippuden, when he fought with Hidan when Sakon told him how to activate the Sage Mode. Sakon is one of the five brothers, who is particularly under the pain’s command, and works for Akatsuki. Naruto learned this technique while he was fighting against Hidan. Hidan is one of the five brothers who fight for the Akatsuki. 

Naruto has been a good fighter throughout the series. He learned Senjutsu at Munt Myoboku. At this place, he effectively finds his energy. His new powers permit him to overpower pain and return to the Hidden Leaf village, as he promised to save the town.  

Who Teaches Naruto To Enter The Sage Mode?

Fukasaku taught Naruto how to enter the Sage Mode. He also taught Jiraiya about it. Fukasaku, also known as Master, is a wise older man from Mount Myoboku. As he and his wife are both the heirs of the Great Toad Sage, they are revered as the Two Great Hermit Toads. Fukasaku, with his wife, is a terrible opponent. Both can perform powerful Genjutsu and Ninjutsu techniques and a combination of these powers. 

Fukasaku and Shima know the use of Senjutsu, which permits them to use natural energy. Thus they can get considerable speed and strength. Their genjutsu helps them to paralyze their enemy. But this kind of powerful genjutsu needs a lot of preparation time and is possible to use many times consecutively. It can damage the vocal cords of the users. 

What Are The Sage Mode Variations Achieved By Naruto?

Naruto can perfect his Sage Mode. He can also combine it with other techniques to learn the Six Path Sage Mode and Tailed Beast Sage Mode. Below we discuss both of them. 

Tailed Beast Sage Mode

When naruto gains the Nine-Tails cooperation, he can match Sage Mode. With the Sage Mode, he maintains the basic characteristics of the Sage Mode. His iris changes its color, turns it into orange, and makes a cross by combining the Kurama’ ‘s and Sage Mode. He also gets more chakra and strength. Naruto first experiences this condition during his encounter with Nagato. When he improves his bond with Kurama during the Fourth Shinobi World War, he can combine his Kurama Mode with Sage Mode. Thus he can get more powers for his attacks. 

Six Path Sage Mode

This Mode is a heightened state that increases users’ abilities by utilizing the Six Paths Sage Chakra. This divine status is used on those who have iron faith and the guts to never give up in any situation. This Mode used by Naruto is very different from his normal form. However, it has some exceptions that his iris turns orange with some shades of yellow. Also, his pupil will be in cross form. In addition, Naruto’s sage Mode, together with Kurama’s power, but without displaying his orange pigmentation around the eyelids. Naruto could combine the Kurama mode with the Six Path Sage Mode, and with each use, he changed his chakra layer. However, Naruto gains the power to grasp nature’s chakra, as he can utilize all five elemental spirits to perfectly use the Yin-Yang Element.

Furthermore, this Mode allows Naruto to kick a truth-seeking ball. Naruto’s sensory abilities also increase with this Mode; he can detect Madara’s invisible shadows. His technique combines with the natural energy; so making him more powerful. 

Is The Naruto Manga Series Worth Watching?

Some people ask if Naruto manga is worth watching. It was created in 1999 by Masashi Kishimoto. It is one of the popular anime series. This series is long, with almost 500 episodes. It shows that you have to invest a huge amount of time while watching this manga series. Some people think that this series is a bit confusing because there are a lot of characters with the same names. Naruto has many fans following around the world.

Moreover, fans watch this series regularly. This series has now more than 15 years. It is still very popular after its 150th episode. 


Naruto, the main character of the anime series, learns the Sage Mode in episode 6 of the Naruto Shippuden series. He knew this technique when he was fighting with the Hidan. Sakon told Naruto how to activate the Sage Mode.