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How Many People Watch Anime Yearly?

How Many People Watch Anime Yearly?

How Many People Watch Anime Yearly?

It is a well-known fact that anime is very popular worldwide. About 100 million people watch anime. And it is increasing exponentially every day. They were forced to make time for movies and series, especially when people had to stay home for a long time during this blockade. 

Animes are among the most popular sub-genres of television shows, with fans in almost every country. Anime fans adopt the Internet as a much more convenient and faster way to watch their favorite series due to the huge demand for anime online. Animation fans come from worldwide, so it makes sense to do the same in animation production. This article gives an overview of statistical data about how many people watch anime annually.

Are Animes And Cartoons Similar?

For example, in the United States, comics are considered a form of entertainment, especially among children. However, this scenario has a different meaning in Japan, and there are people of all ages who like manga and other types of manga and anime. In reality, Japan does not want animation to be seen as a form of art.

How Many People Watch Anime?

People who like anime are called otaku. They have a negative meaning in Japan because they refer to people who are absorbed in stories and fictional characters and are away from society. But outside of Japan, otaku is a cool way to say, “I love watching anime.” And around the world, nearly 100 million people are watching anime. 

In the world of audible entertainment, anime shines in its limelight. Japanese animation has a unique presence in the provision of major streaming platforms, gradually shifting from niche resources for specific viewers to major entertainment sources for many viewers worldwide. Thanks to Google Trends tools and analytics, we have pretty good quotes and are creating detailed rankings. Netflix, Amazon, and HBO have started promoting this type of Japanese anime series. He does his works that adapt famous manga, imitates styles and formats, and inspires. But which country is the most searched for anime?

What Percentage Of The World Population Watches Anime?

There is a list of the top 25 countries, and the other two lists focus on Europe and the United States. Another caveat is that it’s the data that assesses the traffic and consumption of the term with Google’s raw search. Perhaps many anime have been purchased and watched. Still, since it is not reflected on the Internet, the sale of subscriptions to services other than DVD, Blu-ray, or the increasingly popular Internet search engine is considered here. 

Knowing the exact number of people who watched the anime is not easy and impossible. But comments about it suggest that it has been seen globally. Anime is seen worldwide, though not so many in each country. If you want to know what percentage of the world is watching anime, the rough answer is 40% to 60%.

What Percentage Of The Population Likes Anime?

Most people are watching anime come from Japan. It was born from that, but there are more than 6000 anime, half of which are made in Japan. According to the latest statistics, 33% of Japan’s total population watches anime. After Japan, there were Americans. Although this percentage has dropped to 18%, animation is still the second most popular. With this in mind, over 1000 animations have been dubbed into English. Also known as having the largest film industry globally, the United States has produced many animations of its own, although not as many as Japan.

Spain, not Britain or Canada, is the third most interested in anime, so you may not have been able to guess the next country correctly. About 16 million Spaniards are watching the anime. They also have their anime. Anime isn’t very popular in the UK because I don’t like watching dubbed or subtitled shows in the UK. There aren’t even anime TV channels, but other Hollywood animated films are very popular.

According to France Culture, “France is one of the largest consumers of sales of these cartoons from Japan.” Often criticized, manga is a huge hit in France. Of 19 million French, about 38% of French watch animations. According to the Manga News website, One Piece is France’s best-selling Japanese comic book from January 2nd to January 29th, 2017. Over 415 million copies have been sold worldwide.

How Many Anime And Manga Fans Are There In The World?

We talked about why people have been fascinated by watching anime in the past. It’s time to find out how many people are watching the anime. It is important to understand that anime is a Japanese product for getting this answer. Therefore, many of his fans come from Japan and parts of Asia.

Top Countries Where Anime Is Most PopularCountry’s Population As Of January 2022Number of Manga and Anime Fans
United States335,124,941167,562,471
South Korea49,403,21624,701,608

Which Anime Series Are A Must-Watch?

Every year, filmmakers produce and release numerous animations around the world. But here are some must-watch series: Fate, Inuyasha: The Final Act, Tokyo Revengers, Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War, Cowboy Bebop, My Hero Academia, and Steins; Gate, Love; Live, Naruto and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

This best anime list ranges from classic series to new faces in progress, including the latest trends. Many fans have tried to be as objective as possible to understand the quality lineup and complete the ultimate ranking to help them find the next work to see. With the advent of more beautiful things, the position of this best anime will change.

How Many Americans Watch Anime?

The US is the world’s most avid international market for anime. The world’s largest anime convention has been held 10 times, and the Anime Expo in Los Angeles (since 1991) attracts more than 107,600 visitors annually. Japanese programs attracted the greatest demand for foreign content in the United States in the first quarter of 2021, accounting for 30.5%. Demand for anime continues to grow on popular shows such as Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, and Jujutsu Kaisen. In May 2020, Naruto, Pokemon, Attack on Titan, Jojo’s Visa Re-Adventure, and One Punch Man topped the US Netflix charts.

The Demon Slayer Infinity Train movie made the history of animated films in the United States. It sold a whopping $ 44.9 million, surpassing the $ 43.7 million of Pokemon 2000, the region’s most popular animated film. In 2021, Toei Animation achieved net sales of 10.63 billion yen in the United States alone. It shows the popularity and sophistication of the US anime market.


This article tried to answer the question, “How many people watch anime a year?” This answer depends on many factors, including compliance with the same aspect and many other aspects. In the world you are looking at, the number increases day by day. Marketing teams, large production companies, and numerous shows have been adapted, and their live-action adaptation is the main reason for this. We estimate that about 910 million people around the world are watching anime. And it will continue to increase.

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