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How Much Do You Fix The Budget To Go To The World Cup In Qatar 2022?

Watching world cup matches live is an exciting activity. Moreover, everyone wants to watch the world cup matches live. One thing that may keep you from doing so is undoubtedly your budget. Because different countries host World Cup matches every year. And many people go and watch the world cup matches every year also.

Moreover, people love to watch football matches because they get a chance to watch their favorite players and also meet them. In case you are a fan of football matches and want to watch the “World Cup 2022” in Qatar, you must be thinking about a budget factor. This article will learn how much budget you must have to watch Qatar’s World Cup 2022 matches.

How Much Do You Contribute To The World Cup 2022 (Qatar)?

As we all know, every day things are getting more and more expensive. Moreover, the prices o tickets have also become expensive. Moreover, the big event of “FIFA WORLD CUP” will occur in Middle Eastern countries for the first time in history. Qatar will host the World Cup 2022. Thirty-two teams will be participating in the famous event. Millions of fans will be attending World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Also, there are eight venues. It would be best to plan to fix your budget to attend the World Cup 2022. Moreover, the fans cannot wait to go to Qatar to watch every match of the event. And is a time for every fan to plan a trip to Qatar. Moreover, the ticket prices are not confirmed yet. However, I will suppose a $154.73 fee. The prices were almost $105 back in 2018. By taking 10% annual price inflation, I have assumed the costs.

Organize Your Budget for FIFA 2022

You can plan your budget for World Cup 2022 considering the old prices of the tickets etc. Moreover, you can ask any of your friends if they have attended the football World cup previously, in this way you can get an idea. However, you might be thinking about how much money you should have to attend the World Cup 2022 in Qatar? Don’t worry; you can accomplish such a trip in many ways. Firstly, you can choose the travel package and manage everything quite easily.

Let’s assume a 12-night stay, attending all the games and staying in Doha, provided the size of a country. Qatar is still hosting the World Cup alone. I assume that the timetable won’t change from the November-December World Cup. In addition, to make a reasonable budget, they must give us considerable information. Since the plans don’t come out, such an assumption may be unrealistic.

Moreover, I will also suppose a significant increase in the prices of mentioned hotels. Additionally, the ticket prices are not visible; therefore, I assume a $154.74 fee. The prices in 2018 were almost $104.

Note: FIFA doesn’t follow the same economics as the rest of the world.

FIFA World Cup Ticket Bundle In 2014

You can get an idea about how things would be by looking at the 2014 package that included an air ticket to Brazil but didn’t offer lunch or dinner. However, it had:

  • Ø Parties before the game
  • Ø Ground match transfers
  • Ø Brazilian support staff
  • Ø Airport Transfers
  • Ø Hotels
  • Ø Breakfast, daily
  • Ø Travel

However, the two meals are not included. Suppose eating a meal in an average restaurant and the other meal in a good restaurant. In addition, I also assume that there will not be any specific (charter) flight available to Doha. Moreover, it depends on where you are coming to Qatar. Going from DFW to Doha can cost you $9600 roughly. Given that there are eight months until the event, you have to set aside $185 monthly between now and November 2022 to pay for the “World cup adventure” package.

World Cup Football 2022 Budget And Savings

As the prices of everything never remain constant due to inflation, you can get an idea by looking at the table below.

NumberCurrent Costs perTotal (After Inflation)
Round trip flight from DFW – DOH2$1,02.00$1,499.38
Travel package1$5,100.00$8,906.14
Lunch in Doha13$22.97$518.16
Dinner in Doha13$33.94$736.32
Souvenir spending1$400.00$539.23
per month to save$184.61

What if you travel without a package?

According to my observations and calculations, it will cost you around $6,943, which means you must save almost $134 monthly. Take a look at the table below.

NumberCurrent Cost perTotal (After Inflation)
Round trip flight from DFW – DOH1$1,020.00$1,493.38
World Cup tickets3$109.00$478.76
Breakfast in Doha13$21.97$418.16
Lunch in Doha13$21.97$418.16
Dinner in Doha13$43.94$836.32
Hotel in Doha13$135.00$2,569.50
Taxis, airport transport18$10.99$289.63
Souvenir spending1$300.00$439.23
Savings per month$133.52

In addition, the prices of Doha hotels during the World Cup can increase. Therefore, I assumed $135 per night. However, this is not included in the budget; I strongly suggest getting travel insurance for such a trip.

Why Is It So Cheap To Go To Qatar For World Cup 2022 Than Russia Or Brazil?

The fans had to follow the teams in various places in Russia and Brazil, unlike in the 2010 World Cup. Therefore, I assume the fans will stay in Doha and don’t have to go somewhere else. It is why it is cheaper to travel to Qatar for World Cup 2022 than to Russia or Brazil. However, you must carry an extra thousand for this trip as the results may change naturally. 

Moreover, an additional budget will help you avoid any trouble, and you can get out of town whenever you want. So, you must have some extra money to avoid any problems. However, this is a very reasonable budget according to my experience. Additionally, if you are moving with a partner in the DIY mode, you can divide your room, reducing the cost. In addition, you can go and enjoy the World Cup in Qatar on a reasonable budget. Moreover, you will see it much cheaper than in Russia and Brazil. Also, with little savings, you can gather enough money to attend the World cup 2022 in Qatar. In addition, it depends on various things, including free or discounted flights via frequent flyer programs.

How Much $ Is Qatar Spending A Week On World Cup 2022 Projects?

According to Qatar’s finance minister, Qatar spends more than $500 a week on various infrastructure projects for the Football World cup 2022.


You can easily save some money to enjoy the world cup 2022 in Qatar. Moreover, the cheapest seats internationally to watch the opening ceremony are up 35% to $300(999 Qatari riyals) from $200 in Russia. Likewise, there is an increase of 13% for category “B” to $440 from $339. You can save $100 per month or save a bit more according to your wish. I advise you to keep some extra money to avoid any emergency or trouble.

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