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How much does a hex bar weigh in the army?

How much does a hex bar weigh in the army?

Being a fitness lover, you must love to do squats, deadlifts, and shrugs. Moreover, to perform such exercises, you need a hex bar. Most bodybuilders and muscular men know this bar. Meanwhile, have you ever thought about how much a hex bar weighs? Because many gym-goers don’t precisely know the answer. This article will give you the answer to this frequently asked question.

How to use a hex bar?

You must know what a hex bar is before knowing its weight. Athletes and bodybuilders have been using the hex bar for many years. It is impossible if you are a bodybuilder but don’t know the hex bar. Moreover, the hex bar is very effective and fitness freaks, as well as bodybuilders, love using this bar. It consists of

  • Bar stock is welded into a diamond or hexagonal shape, allowing a person to stand in the middle.
  • Set of handles pointing backward and forward welded inside the hollow portion. The handles help to hold the bar to perform the exercise.

This bar is handy to perform exercises like deadlifts, squats, and shrugs. In addition, being the most common tool, many people don’t know what the hex bar is and what its purpose of this bar is. Moreover, almost all of us have seen hex bars in the gyms, but not everyone knows their exact use. Furthermore, some people don’t use this bar because they think they might get injured using this bar. I suggest hiring a personal trainer if you haven’t experienced exercises like deadlifts and squats. 

The other name of the Hex bar is “trap bar.” Moreover, weight lifters and fitness enthusiasts use this bar for performing exercises like Squats, Shrugs, and Dead Lifts. It has bars bent into angles and welded into a hexagonal shape. Moreover, it has two handles welded into the center so you may stand in the middle easily. In addition, the hex bar is widespread all over the world. However, not many people know about it. Bodybuilders and powerlifters use this bar mostly. Although being new to the fitness world, you must hire a personal trainer before using the hex bar. Otherwise, you may injure yourself.

What is the weight of a Hex bar?

The Hex bar weighs around 45 pounds, similar to the standard Olympia Barbell. However, the classic bar weighs 33 pounds on the other side; the weight of the Xl bar is 55 pounds. Moreover, people may find it terrifying, but it is effortless to use. Also, it is easier to use the trap bar than the straight bar if you have back pain or shoulder injury.

In addition, trap bars are user-friendly and easy to use. I suggest you use the trap bar if you are a beginner or have a shoulder or back injury. Moreover, your positioning can improve if you use a trap bar rather than a straight bar. Many athletes injure themselves while performing deadlifts. It is because they use

a straight bar rather than a Hex bar. Moreover, the standard hex bar has mainly three weights, 45/55/75 lbs. However, the most common hex bar is 45lb, and it is heavier than the Olympic barbell.

What is the difference between a Hex bar and a straight bar?

These two bars are different mechanically and structurally. Moreover, the hand positioning is different in both bars. Also, you can grip a straight bar in multiple ways, such as overhand and underhand. Both bars hit other muscle groups. Study shows that the straight bar hits the back and hamstring muscles while the trap bar (hex bar) targets the quadriceps. Using a trap bar, you get closer to your center of gravity.

In addition, the straight bar is far away, creating tremendous torque in the lower back. The experts say “trap bars are more effective than the straight bars.” Moreover, your body gets in a better position to lift mechanically by getting closer to the center of gravity. However, it will be a great plan to stop using straight bars either. It would be best to choose the bar according to your body type. The hex bar works brilliantly for some people, while for some, the straight bar does this job.

The experts say you should choose either bar as per your fitness goals. But mechanically, the hex bar has the edge over the straight bar. Moreover, the straight bars are suitable for targeting the upper back, lower back, and hamstring muscles. Meanwhile, if there is any trouble with your lower back, the hex bar is perfect. Moreover, try using the straight bar on your back day and hex bar on your leg day to get excellent results shortly.

Why does the army prefer Hex bar over Straight bar?

The army likes to use a Hex bar instead of a Straight bar because

  • It is more suitable for beginner lifters as it is less technical
  • It minimizes the chances of injury
  • The hex bar deadlifts put less strain on the lumbar spine
  • The Hex bar is more effective than the conventional bar


The hex bar typically weighs around 45 lbs, while the army uses the hex bar weighing around 60lbs; however, it is not much heavier than the regular hex bar. Also, the Hex bar is more effective and safe to use. Army soldiers mostly train for endurance and strength. Therefore they prefer a hex bar over a conventional bar. Moreover, athletes and powerlifters like to perform deadlifts and squat with a hex bar.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Hex Bar

What are the advantages of using the Hex bar?

  • The hex bar is safe and easy to use
  • It helps you maintain a good balance
  • It prevents injuries
  • This bar can straighten your lift
  • It brings results fast
  • Best for beginners use
  • Strengthens the arms and legs
  • Reduces stress

How is a standard hex bar different from an Army hex bar?

There is not much difference between these bars. The average Hex bar weighs around 45 lbs, while the Army hex bar weighs less than 60 lbs. Furthermore, the army uses a slightly heavy hex bar because the soldiers train for endurance and strength. Also, they need hard training.

What is the purpose of the Hex bar?

Hex bars are designed to perform Deadlifts and Squats. Yes, you can do it with a straight bar, but the hex bar is safe to use and results faster than the straight bar.

Do they use straight bars in the army also?

Yes, the soldiers also use the straight bars and the hex bar. But the soldiers have found using the hex bar much easier and more effective than a straight bar. Moreover, the straight bar is suitable for activating the upper and lower back muscles.

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