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Is 120k A Good Salary In Los Angeles And Any Other US States?

Is 120k A Good Salary In Los Angeles?

Do you want to be rich in the USA and be in the 1% people? To become rich in the USA, you have to earn at least more than $100,000 or more per year. With a salary of 120k in Los Angeles, you can live a comfortable life. However, you face some difficulty if you are on rent because your 15-20% total income will be used. So it would be best if you were not extravagant with this salary. 

Furthermore, many are thinking about their living conditions in the USA when the pandemic hits. Due to the pandemic, more than 51 million people face unemployment for 17 weeks. However, they eliminated more than 37 million jobs over 18 months. The total amount of salary varies considerably depending on the state in which you are living. Moreover, the average living wage in the USA is $67,690. The US state with the least annual salary is Mississippi, with $58,321. The US state with the highest yearly wage is Hawaii, with around $136,437. However, other considered expensive states are California and New York, which have considerably high living costs and very expensive housing markets. 

What Is The Range Of Good Salary In Los Angeles?

According to data, the estimated annual income is $74,37. However, this is the right amount of salary to live in Los Angeles. In addition, the median yearly income in Los Angeles is $67,418, which is more than the estimated median annual income of $65,712 in entire US states. Here we mention the salary of a middle-class person in Los Angeles. 

No Of PersonsIncome
For Lower ClassFor Middle Class
1Up to $32,793$32,794 to $98,380
2Up to $46,376$46,377 to $139,130
3Up to $56,799$56,800 to $170,399

The average income in Los Angeles is $80,000. However, pay ranges between two or seven times the California Poverty Measure refers to the middle class. The estimated revenue for the middle class in Los Angeles for a family of four who rents a home will be $65,030 and $227,605. 

Who Is Considered A Rich Person In Los Angeles?

The average gross income for the top 5% is $421,111.

A person’s minimum to be in the top 5% is $182,159. 

The average gross income for the top 1% is $1,095,274.

The minimum payment to be in the top 1% is $1,373,267.

Is $120k Considered A Good Salary In Los Angeles?

For $120k, you can live a very comfortable life in LA. With this salary, you cannot be extravagant with your lifestyle choices. You will spend around 15-20% of your total income on renting an apartment and the associated costs.

Salaries In Different States Of the USA

Is 120k A Good Salary In Arizona?

$120k is considered a decent salary in Arizona. Especially it depends on your spending habits. In Arizona, child care and health insurance will cost very high in the USA. However, even $100k is a comfortable salary to live on. Furthermore, according to data, in the capital of Arizona state, Phoenix, the average amount to live comfortably is $48,876. However, in this data, we consider 50% for the necessities, 30% for the discretionary spending, and 20% for the saving purposes. In Tucson, $39,966 income is required. $42,654 income needed for Mesa.  

Is 120k A Good Salary In Hawaii?

You can live a comfortable life in Hawaii if you earn more than $120k (living standards may vary from person to person). In addition, to live comfortably in Hawaii, a person has to earn $16.59 per hour, or if that is a couple. They have 2 children, and each adult has to make $17.70 hourly. However, the average salary in Hawaii is $65,000. Furthermore, renting in the city is very expensive compared to other states, and it mainly depends on the location.  

Is 120k A Good Salary In San Francisco?

It is considered a good salary in San Francisco. You can live a very comfortable life with a $120k salary. A good salary in San Francisco is almost $75k. In addition, this is a medium-income of San Francisco that shows if you earn more than 50% of living. However, the average salary in San Francisco is almost $88,264. In San Francisco, you have to make three times more than the monthly rent. However, the average cost of an apartment with one bedroom is almost $2,317. You have to earn $6,951 as pre-tax earnings to have a comfortable life in San Francisco. 

Is 120k A Good Salary In Alabama?

The threshold wealth level of Alabama is $88,984. It is one of the states in the USA that has a larger home for even less than $300k. To live comfortably in Alabama, you will have to save $65,000. So that shows if you have a salary of $120k in Alabama, it is considered a very good salary in this state.

States That Are Paying Highest Salary In USA

Here we mention salaries by state. We mention the top 5 states that have paid the highest salaries on average.

Massachusetts: $65,680

New York: $63,970

Connecticut: $62,350

Washington: $62,020

California: $61,290

Jobs That Are Highly Paid In Each State

Below are the jobs that are highly paid in the USA.


A surgeon is a professional who operates on patients to improve their internal health. In addition, a surgeon can diagnose, advise, work, and prescribe the health condition. You need 12-15 years to become a surgeon. Furthermore, nets’ educational requirements may include a bachelor’s degree, medical school degree, licensing, and certification. Surgeons have the chance to continue many surgical specialties that may have many options for their career growth. Moreover, here we mention some highly paid states for the surgeon.

Arizona: $228,458 / year

Arkansas: $348,374 / year

California: $155,313 / year

Delaware: $238,005 / year

Georgia: $304,607 / year

Hawaii: $32,195 / year


An anesthesiologist cares for the patients before and during their surgery by relieving pain. In addition, anesthesia is a controlled metal loss and physical sensation for medical purposes. Moreover, the duties of anesthesiologists include:

  • Consultation with patients.
  • Monitoring patients during the surgery.
  • Helping them in post-surgical pain management.

Furthermore, here are the states that paid the highest salary to anesthesiologists.

Alabama: $433,791 / year

Idaho: $212,799 / year

Illinois: $305,424 / year

Indiana: $382,992 / year

Kansas: $391,017 / year

Louisiana: $383,751


An orthodontist specializes in dental issues that range from examining crowded teeth to misalignment. His duties include patient consultations, looking at patients’ cases, installing orthodontic fixtures, and maintaining the future. In addition, to become an orthodontist, you have to get a bachelor’s degree, a dental school degree, and you have to obtain a dental license. Furthermore, becoming an orthodontist will take 11 years of education. 

Below we mention some states that paid the orthodontist the highest salaries.

Minnesota: $251,947 / year

Pennsylvania: $225,352 / year

South Carolina: $270,242 / year

Washington: $247,517 / year

Internal Medicine Physician

Internal medicine physician, also called Internist, specializes in diagnosing and treating the body’s internal conditions. In addition, they specialize further in the treatment of specific diseases. Furthermore, here are some of the duties of the Internist, including counseling the patient, diagnosing the condition, recommending the medicines to the patient, and monitoring the internal state. In addition, similar to other medical professions, it can also take 11 years if you want to become an internist. So it requires a bachelor’s degree, a medical school degree, and should have a license to practice internal medicine. 

Furthermore, below is the list of states paying the highest salaries to internal medicine physicians.

New Mexico: $140,124 / year

North Dakota: $162,330 / year

Oregon: $226,044 / year


So in this guide, we briefly discuss the average salaries of different states or if $120k is enough to live a comfortable life in Los Angeles. So now you do not doubt the highest paying states in the USA. However, with inflation and cost rising every day, you have to earn more money per year to live a comfortable life.

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