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Warlock 5e: The Ultimate D&d 5e Guide 2022-2023

Warlock 5e: The Ultimate Dnd 5e Guide 2022-2023

This guide explains Warlock’s 5e features and how you can maximize your Warlock by choosing your Race, Spells, ability, Stones, Feats, etc. D&D beyond helps create the characters of your choice using a basic approach. In addition, it offers Control of your Control and total optimization. Furthermore, Warlocks have many customizations with three different pact choices for their possible Patrons. 

This article will give you complete information about the DnD 5e Spells at each level. Moreover, the color code we mentioned in this article was implemented to assist you in recognizing at a glance how better will be the option for you in Warlock. However, this color-coding is not a fast rule to follow; many options are out there.

Overview Of D&D 5e Warlock


Warlocks have their powers by resolving themselves to an Eldritch Being. These beings are on the dark side, and your character faces a hard time. In addition, this dedication to Eldritch being comes with some issues, so you can find yourself in difficult times when your party wants to do something, and your Eldritch Patron wants the other thing. 


The Warlock means they learn to 5th level spells except for the Mystic Arcanum. Furthermore, they are entirely casting spells and have many quirks about the spells caster, so this makes them a unique caster. Moreover, Warlocks have many abilities like Eldritch Invocations. In addition, the most common is the Agonizing Blast which allows Warlocks to have a CHA modifier for the best damage cantrips. 


Warlocks spells are its main weakness. So, up to the 10th level, they have only two spells and get four spells at the 20the level. It shows that Warlock can wind up without any spells immediately if your party is in trouble. In addition, the fact that Warlocks cannot have combat-focused abilities shows that Warlock supplies can get up quickly and become dependent on cantrips.

Standard Races Of Warlock 

These are the races of the Warlock:

  • Dragonborn 
  • Dwarf
  • Elf
  • Gnome
  • Half-Elf
  • Half-Orc
  • Halfling
  • Human

Best Spells In Warlock 5e

Warlock has access to many spells. So it is essential to talk about the favorite spells at every level and which spells should be avoided. It does not show that the one we will not discuss here doesn’t have any purpose. 


Booming Blade – This one is not effective in Warlock unless you will go for a Hexblade.

Chill Touch – At the time of your disposal with Eldritch last, you do not require any other destruction-dealing cantrips. 

Create Bonfire – You can create a bonfire as it’s good damage that you can use a range and battlefield control. 

Eldritch Blast – This is your living as a Warlock. The d10 force damages and increase with level so Warlock can handle with damage. You have to make sure to take up the Agonizing Blast invocation. 

Green-Flame Blade – This one is not effective unless you will go for the option of Hexblade.

Lightning Lure – It has some elementary situations, such as dragging a creature that is struggling with one of your party members or dragging enemies into a hazard. 

Mind Silver – INT savings are not an ordinary skill, and paranormal damage is not a primary resistance. As this damage is not attractive as something like firebolt, the d4 reduction in the next saving move is very productive in tiers of play. 

Minor Illusion – It is one the most versatile spell in Warlock. It is an excellent option for a cantrip. 

Mage Hand – It is a very effective cantrip if used in the right way.

Poison Spray – As you use Eldritch Blast at your disposal. After that, you do not have to use any other damage-dealing cantrips. 

Prestidigitation – It is not helpful as Minor Silver but still, it is a good one. 

Sword burst – It is an efficient AoE damage if you will surround.

Thunderclap is a good AoE damage, but it focuses on or targets a basic save. This spell cannot be helpful while stealthing. 

1st Level Spells

Armor of Agathys is an excellent self-buff that gives some basic temporary HP and damages if you are hit by it. You will want this spell if you are a Pact of Blade Warlock. 

Arms of Hadar – It allows you to escape a failed save. A Decent AoE; you have to pick this one when you are a Pack of the Blade Warlock. 

Cause fear – Fear is the elementary condition. You have to remember that the creature should be within 30ft of one another when you upcast this spell.  

Hellish rebuke – It scales with level and is an excellent use for your reaction. 

Hex – This is one of the fantastic spells equivalent to the Hunters Mark. 

Protection from good and evil is the protective spell for many types of creatures you have to face in D&D 5e. It does not scale with the level.

Witch bolt – It does disappointed damage; if you compare it with your Agonizing Blast and Eldritch Blast, it needs your action. It can be baffled when you step out of range.

2nd Level Spells

Cloud Draggers – If you can find the funnel point and then push the creature into the cloud, it will do considerable damage. 

Crown Madness – This spell has many destroying limitations as it is a powerful effect at a small level. 

Darkness – This spell used with Devil’s Sight is a great combination.

Earthbind – If you want to lockdown the flying creature and do not understand how to do it fall prone, this spell is a good option. It is helpful to spell in very few circumstances. 

Enthrall – It is an excellent spell to use.

Hold Person – This spell may be encounter-breaking against the humanoids. It will scale well with levels. 

Invisibility is undoubtedly a perfect spell, but if you are blowing a higher-level spell slot where you have to make only one thing invisible, this is not great. 

Mind Spike – There is no significant damage, but it has one exciting tracking effect. It can be efficient in attacking an enemy who wants to escape. 

Mirror Image – It is a good self-buff. However, it does not scale with level. 

Misty Step – This spell is a good option for getting out of complex situations. However, it does not scale with levels.

Shadow Blade – Usually, Warlock does not work with Heblade builds as the Hex Warrior trait, so you cannot attack with CHA.

3rd Level Spells

Counterspell – It is not necessary to be a Warlock spell on Counterspell. On the other hand, if no one has it, you have to take it.

Dispel Magic – It is the same as Counterspell.

Enemies Abound – This spell only works in fights with more than one enemy and if your allies are going to ignore that enemy. 

Fear – It is a great crowd control spell. It is specifically suitable because they do not retry to save until they break the line of sight.

Fly – This spell is a decent self-buff. However, it is not something to be wasting spell.

Hunger of Hadar – This spell is a good crowd control option. This spell will be solid damage if it is at a choke point. It is less viable in the long term. 

Hypnotic Pattern – It is one of the fantastic crowd control spells you have to take this or fear, depending on your flavor. 

Intellect Fortress – This one is only useful in some specific conditions. For example, when strolling in the den of MindMind Flayers.

Spirit Shroud – Many Warlock cannot be within 10ft of their enemies. This spell is suitable for Hexblade builds. However, the damage does not outrun Hex as much, which cannot be used in that range. It will use these unimpressive spell slots of 3 level spells.

Summon Fey – This spell is one of the good Summons options. This spell is worth casting in specific circumstances. 

Summon Lesser Demons – This spell is very detailed as these Demons are hostile to all the creatures.

Summon Shadowspawn – This Shadowspawn is the same as the Fear spell. It means you want to use this spell; this needs an extra body that gets benefits on attacks against Frightened creatures. 

Summon Undead – This spell doesn’t do much damage compared to the Fey summons. However, it is more versatile in action.

Thunder Step – If you want to retreat and be surrounded, it is a fantastic spell. You will be able to damage the enemies and carry a friend with you.

Vampiric Touch – This spell gives you a life drain with a 3d6 melee weapon as you can concentrate, but the concentration checks can kill you. You have to need a War Caster to make this worthy. 

4th Level Spell

Banishment is an excellent spell to take one or two creatures out of the fight.

Blight is the 4th level spell that focuses on a common save. It hardly damages 4th-level fireball and does not work well on some creature types. 

Charm Monster – It is a Charm Person for any creature. It is excellent for avoiding fights with possibly hostile monsters.

Dimension Door is a decent spell; however, it doesn’t do much for Warlocks. 

Elemental Bane – If you want to eliminate the resistance to specific damage, get this pell so your turn will not waste.

Shadow of Moil – It gives attack disadvantages, provides a barrier in radiant damage, and damages any creature that can land at the time of the attack. It is a good choice for Hexblades. You have to keep that in MindMind that it does not scale with level. 

Sickening Radiance – You have to need two failures for this spell to kick irradiance damage is fantastic to get around a resistance; however, this spell also targets CON and requires concentration. 

Summon Aberration – It is not much better than the 3rd level summons. The efficient option is sticking the Star Spawn in a group of enemies. 

Summon a Greater Demon – The idea that you can lose control of the Demon will make this spell a fantastic spell. 

5th Level Spell

Danse Macabre – It is helpful as you require five Small or Medium corpses. It is fantastic for the action if you are already carrying it around you. 

Enervation – Does Witch Bolt with Vampiric Touch a good match? It is a considerable upgrade, and it can damage creatures as healing yourself is twice the value. 

Hold Monster – This spell can take the creature out of the attack. It allows saving after each turn, which makes it worst. But the monster can combat with benefits that make quick work of it after it fails. 

Infernal Calling – You can instruct the Demon, but it doesn’t require listing your commands. It is considered a very situational spell. 

Negative Energy Flood – Nothing can be more useful in the battle than turning the enemies’ lackies into your own. It is a good spell if you are in a crowd of weaker creatures.  

6th Level Spells

Circle of Death – If you have a fireball, you do not need this.

Conjure Fey – The best beast in Warlock you can use is Mammoth. If you play with more features, you can make it more worthing. 

Website – It has better crowd control chances for the lower spell slots.

Mental Prison – There are many ways you can get single creatures out of the attack. However, this provides some damage, although locking from a creature. It is quite a decent spell. 

Scatter – This spell has been used; however, none of them are worthy as a 6th level spell. 

7th Level Spell

Crown of Stars has significant bonus action damage, no concentration, and a long duration. It has an up-and-down good spell. 

Finger of Death – It has very decent damage with the ability to make a small zombie buddy.

Forcecage – No way to get out and save when you put in. It has some good ways to have a scary melee creature. 

Plane Shift – Good use to run to get out of a fight or may force a CHA to save to keep away from getting banished.

Power Word Pain – With this 7th level spell, you can do 100 damage that is useful only when you want to Crucio, who is outside the battle. 

8th Level Spell

Demiplane is a decent utility spell; you can easily make your demi-prison network if you have a decent persuasion spell and a strong friend. 

Dominate Monster – It is a highly fantastic option to assist swing the tides of fight in your approval. 

Feeblemind – Usually, spells at this level will have an efficient INT save or Legendary Resistance. 

Glibness has the same effect as a high-level spell; however, it is helpful in some circumstances.

Maddening Darkness – This spell has a huge radius and has good damage, which can combine with the Devil’s Sight invocation. The main problem here is that your friends cannot see anything occurring in this radius.    

Power Word Stun – With this spell, you can auto-spell a creature with less than 150hp; however, they save at the end of each turn.

9th Level Spell

Astral Projection – You will likely have some other reason to get to the Astral Plane if you want to be there. 

Blade of Disaster – This spell is a bonus, solid, and multiturn damage spell.

Imprisonment – There are many methods to throw away those big buddies permanently. 

Psychic Scream – This spell causes tremendous damage, targets an uncommon save, and knocks out a failed save.

True Polymorph – If you successfully concentrate for an hour, this effect can be permanent. The flexibility of changing a creature into an object is compelling. 


Warlock is the user that cheated on the way to Final exams. In addition, Warlocks come with some fantastic character-building features. You have to check the tips for new players so that you have enjoyable characters to play. 

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