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What Crypto Debit Cards Are Available For US Residents?

What Crypto Debit Cards Are Available For US Residents?

Cryptocurrency credit and debit cards are currently counted due to many bank restrictions on crypto transactions. It’s great for repeat customers, as many cards act like shopping rewards cards that allow you to get cashback on purchases. With a small number of cards, you can earn interest on the cryptos held in your account. However, you can use almost any card to convert cryptos to fiat instantly. Moreover, you can withdraw crypto in fiat from ATMs and pay for goods and services at stores that accept MasterCard and Visa cards.

Best Crypto Debit Cards For US Residents

Getting started with a crypto debit card is easy if you have crypto. To help you decide which card is best for you, we scoured the market for the best crypto debit cards for US residents that focus on cost, fees, ease of use, and more.


Crypto.com’s card sounds good that supports various cryptos. It supports 90 cryptos and more than 20 fiat currencies. Crypto.com offers five versions of the Visa debit card and an exciting rewards program that includes fantastic benefits if you are willing to bet on enough CRO (Crypto.com Coins). However, the basic version with a 1% reward does not require staking.

The card has a monthly limit for free transactions and ATM exchanges. Exceeding this limit is £2 at ATMs and £0.5m at money changers. There are not many other fees on the card. However, Crypto.com may charge fees for buying, holding, and exchanging cryptos. The costs vary depending on the card tier. If you are a crypto geek and want to keep your debit card spending and rewards on the blockchain, the Crypto.com card can be a good choice.


  1. It supports more than 90 cryptos.
  2. This card does not deduct any monthly fees.
  3. Crypto.com offers rebates on streaming services.


  1. It would be best to have CRO tokens in your wallet to use crypto.com.
  2. To get more perks and services, you have to stake more money.


The Coinbase Card is a secure and easy-to-use Visa enabled debit card that converts many types of cryptos into local currency. Moreover, it allows users to make purchases and withdraw money at ATMs. Founded in 2012, Coinbase is one of the world’s most popular digital currency exchanges. The Coinbase card allows cardholders to spend their cryptocurrency wherever Visa is accepted. Multi currency support, easy currency conversion, and the highest security level are why we have chosen the best debit card for Bitcoin.

Coinbase cards also offer many security and convenience features, including a mobile wallet app, two-factor authentication, instant card lock, spend tracking, and more. Cardholders have the opportunity to use their card to make purchases online and in stores and withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide that support Visa. The UK and European residents pay a Coinbase card issuance fee of £4.95 or €5.95, while US residents get the card free. Coinbase also charges several fees, including a 2.49% crypto clearing fee.


  1. This debit card supports more than 50 crypto tokens.
  2. This card is accessible in 49 states of the United States.
  3. It offers a high daily transaction limit.


Wirex offers many perks to card holders. It includes earning up to 2% cashback, free ATM withdrawals, and interest on fiat, BTC, and ETH currencies. Wirex, a digital payment platform created in 2014, launched the Visabacked cryptocurrency debit card a year later. WXT rewards this card, and we have chosen it as the best card for card holder privileges. 

Wirex cards support more than 150 traditional and fiat and nearly 12 fiat currencies in Europe and several countries in Asia and the Pacific. Cardholders in the United States can pay 1 for cryptocurrency deposits without paying issuance, monthly, or withdrawal fees. You only pay in Euros. The Wirex card is one of the few that offers up to 2 seconds of cashback in cryptos. There is free standard shipping with no service or card reissue fees. Wirex Visa offers free ATM withdrawals of up to $300 monthly.


  1. Users do not have to pay any additional fee for international transactions.
  2. It doesn’t charge any additional fees.
  3. It supports more than 150 fiat and traditional currencies. 


If you are looking for a cheap crypto debit card, then BlockCard is a good choice. The card is offered with minimal fees and does not charge fees for deposits, exchanges, or withdrawals. Developed by financial technology company Ternio, BlockCard allows cardholders to make purchases with their chosen crypto wherever Visa is accepted. It ranks first as the best low-cost card with a fixed account management fee and no deposit or withdrawal fees.

This debit card offers the lowest prices we have come across. The company charges a $10 signup fee and only a $5 monthly administration fee, which is waived if the cardholder spends more than $750 per month on cashless transactions. BlockCard charges no fees for deposits, exchanges, or withdrawals and only charges $3 ($3.50 international) for domestic ATM withdrawals.


  1. It does not charge for withdrawal.
  2. It offers cash back rewards.
  3. No monthly hidden charges.


Binance is the best choice for crypto cashback debit cards. This card has an impressive 8-foot reverse. The Binance Visa card does not charge issuance or monthly fees and only charges a transaction fee of up to 0.9% for transactions and ATM withdrawals. ATM operators may charge hidden fees. The card supports 30 cryptos, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Like Coinbase, the Vice Visa card holds encryption in the wallet and converts it for purchases only. The card is available for information and online shopping anywhere.


  1. It does not cost any monthly or annual fees.
  2. It offers cash back rewards.
  3. You can easily convert your traditional currency into crypto.

Are Crypto Debit Cards Safe? 

Most crypto debit cards available for US residents have advanced security features: two-factor authentication, biometric scanning, and mobile codes. These features make them secure as most major credit cards. Cardholders can also instantly freeze or cancel their cards, usually via a mobile app. However, some consider Crypto debit cards less secure than offline digital wallets. From a technical standpoint, transferring funds from your wallet to a debit card provider can increase your risk of cyberattacks. This article contains all the best crypto cards list that support multiple cryptos. You can use them worldwide, and they are easy to use and recharge.

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