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What Does S Mean On Snapchat? The ‘S’ Means ‘streaks?

What Does S Mean On Snapchat? The ‘S’ Means ‘streaks?

Snapchat has many abbreviations exclusive to Snapchat, and sometimes it gets confusing. When you receive a chat or snap showing ‘S,’ you may wonder what it means? What does ‘S’ stands for on Snapchat? On Snapchat, ‘S’ stands for a streak. If you connect to the same person for three days, this will start your streak users enjoy these streaks, and you can keep them long as possible. 

The length of the streak represents by the fire emoji and goes with the number next to the contact number of a person. Furthermore, the message that denotes the ‘S/R’ is used to keep the streak going. The ‘S/R’ means “streaks and recent” shows that you are contacted to extend the streak, as you are one of the most recent contacts of the senders. In addition, if you want to maintain the steaks, it will need the daily contribution from both sides. So you have to respond every day to the streaks. You can reply to a streak just in a moment.

  • ‘S’ stands for ‘Streak.’
  • If you receive a chat with ‘S,’ “streak” shows that senders want to build the streak with you.
  • If you receive a snap with ‘S’ means the same as mentioned above.  
  • Etiquette is to reply on the day of receipt, even with just with the ‘S.’ 

Meaning Of ‘s’ On Snapchat

What does ‘S’ stand for on Snapchat? You can send pictures between yourself and the other person you want through Snapchat every day. An emoji of fire is used to reply to Snapchat. In addition, this fire emoji will appear beside the name of your streak partner. If you are interested in maintaining a streak, respond with a picture of your choice. However, if you are not interested, you can ignore the message. It’s hard to stand with social media as it is getting more complex daily. Many guides will assist you in understanding the emojis and acronyms your friends want to say to you.    

So you get confused when you encounter a blank snap with ‘S’ on it. It stands for the ‘Streaks.’ However, snap streaks are the way to keep in touch with your friends, so Snapchat does this free of cost. Moreover, snap streaks have a feature for users to swap photos continuously for three days.

What Does It Mean When I Get A Message With ‘s’ In A Snap?

Suppose you want to continue the relationship with someone who sends you a streak. In addition, if you’re going to, send a photo with an ‘S.’ It represents that they want to start a streak with you. However, if you do not like to maintain a streak, write a message for them that is not based on the photo “I do not like streaks” or some similar message. If they still want to send streaks to you, write the words streak, draw an ‘S,’ may add GIF, or draw something else they want. 

How Do I Use ‘s’ In Snapchat?

There is just one way for this; Snapchat has several ways to send ‘S.’ There are a collection of snapshots that users want to share to maintain their streak. Both of the users have to send the snap streak within 24 hours so that their snap streak will continue. However, sending Snapstreak to one another is easy if your Snapchatter is regular. However, it may be difficult for some users to send a snap streak every day. 

Snapchat’s heart emojis represent your most precious friends based on the messages sent to them. 

Red Heart – You have been my best friend for the last two weeks.

Pink Heart – You have been my best friend for the previous two months. 

Smiley Face – You are the number one best friend, which shows you both send most of the snaps to each other.

Sunglasses Face represents that you are a fantastic friend, which shows that you have a strong connection with them. 

Fire – This emoji shows the number of days you spend sending the snap streaks to this person.  

Hourglass – This shows that your snap streak comes to an end, so if you are interested in keeping them going, you have to send a snap streak to the person quickly.

You can send the same snap to all your friends to maintain a streak with them. You do not have to send similar shots to everyone. Here are some ways how you send snaps to your friends. 

Using A Pen

It is the easiest way to send a snap; use the draw feature on your image. Click a picture, click on the draw option and draw anything you want


GIFs are fun to use, and Snapchat has a good collection. You can add these GIFs of your choice in your snap. Click a photo from the camera and click on the sticker button in the right-side panel. In the search bar, search for the streak. So add your favorite GIFs. You can add more than one GIF.


If you want to make a personal snap, you can add a Bitmoji sticker. These help to show yourself properly on Snapchat. Click a photo using the Snapchat camera, then click on the sticker button in the right-side panel. These are below the GIFs you can add as much as you want to your snap. 


Snapchat has a huge collection of stickers. You can add a sticker to your snap streak. Click a snap from the camera and click on the stickers option below the Bitmoji. Click on your favorite stickers and add them to your photo; add as much you want.

What Represents The Purple Boxes Beside My Friend’s Name?

If your friend’s birthday is mentioned as birthdays on Snapchat, their zodiac signs usually appear in a purple box. Depending on them, it may be seen differently from the image above. So when you already know the meaning of what you are viewing, the icons will start giving you a hint of the birthday regardless of the specific date. If it is your friend’s birthday, the cake may begin appearing on the screen. 

How Do I Change My Friend’s Emoji?

  • Click the icon on the upper left corner of your profile.
  • Then go for the setting, and click the gear at the upper right corner.
  • At the bottom, under the Additional Services, select ‘Manage.’
  • Click on the friend emojis, then choose each status to select a customized Emoji.

Should New Members React To Streaks On Snapchat?

The main purpose of sending streaks to one another is to share photos with your friends and determine how long you can go in maintaining your snap streak. You can send streaks to one another in several different ways, in the form of blank photos, emojis, or any GIF. Send a picture with an ‘S’ on it to show that it is a streak or some image with the word ‘Streak’ on it, or you may add some stickers on the photos you are sending as streaks. There are many options for you. You can reply to your friend’s streaks if you want. In the end, it is your decision if you wish to share something with them or not. If you want to connect with someone you know, you may ask questions about what’s happening. 


In conclusion, you will decide whether you want to share something or not. If you like someone and want to know more about it, you may ask questions and find out more about their lives.

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