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What Episode Does Luffy Get His Scar? Did Zoro Give Luffy Scar

What Episode Does Luffy Get His Scar?

Luffy is a well-known character in Anime and Manga. Luffy looks similar to other anime protagonists as they also have some notable features on their faces. For example, Naruto has an orange jacket and blonde hair, Goku’s spiky hairdo, and Yugi’s colorful hair color. But Luffy has a simple appearance as he has black hair and eyes that are very simple. But the features that made him distinctive were his two scars – one is below the right eye, and the other is on his chest. 

How Gave Luffy Scars?

Luffy and Robin don’t know that they’re pirates. Zoro is hypnotized and fights Luffy. In this battle, Zoro utilizes his Katana and makes an X-mark on Luffy’s chest. Luffy gets this injury on his chest in the war of Marineford. Luffy gets an eye scar in Episode 487. In Episode 223, Luffy gets chest scars when Luffy was a kid when he got a spot on his right eye when he was trying to stab himself with a dagger. With the eruption of attack that was straight into the chest of Luffy when he was using a magma-augmented punch, holding Luffy unconsciously. This guide will help you know how Luffy got these signature scars. 

On Which Part Of The Body Does Luffy Has Scars?

Luffy has two cuts on his body; one is a small cut under his eye and a vast gnarly ‘X’ on his chest. Luffy gets these two at the start of One Piece. When Luffy was a child, he wanted to prove his abilities to Shank’s crew because he wanted to become a pirate. So he cut his face with an ax to prove himself – the second cut by Jimbe at the battle of Marineford when Luffy’s brother died. Jimbe tries to transport the catatonic Luffy to protection. Akainu uses its Magu Magu Fruit powers, so hit Jimbe to take Luffy out. Although despite this, Jimbe was not able to strike the death punch. Still, he was able to sever a considerable portion of Luffy’s chest.

Why Is There A Scar On Luffy’s Face?

In Episode 487, he got a scar on his face many years ago when he was a young boy. When Luffy was in Foosha Village, Shanks and his crew stayed on this island to refill the supplies and have a good time with the villagers. Shanks is a fun-loving character who spends a good time with the villagers and has a good reputation. Luffy inspires by the Shanks’s crew, from their happiness and how good they are at their relationship with the villagers. Luffy gets the inspiration to become the pirate rather than following Garp, who wants to turn him into a strong Marine. 

Later on, Luffy became friends with Shank and insisted on taking him as their crew’s part. Luffy gets annoyed by the continuous rejection of the Shanks, and the reason may be Luffy was too young. Then Luffy started showing off a dangerous stunt. He was doing so to tell the crew that is strong enough and able to become a pirate. So that’s why he stabbed himself with a dagger near his eye.

It was soo deep for the delicate skin of Luffy at that time as he was too young. He trains by his grandfather, who leaves him in dangerous places to make him immune and survive in that hazardous areas. But still, it did not make Luffy strong enough to heal that deep scars. So he will start looking a bit like a pirate as he has a notable spot on his face.

Why Is There A Scar On Luffy’s Chest?

He got his chest scar in Episode 223. Getting his chest scar was a painful experience for Luffy. He just saw the spot on his chest and felt everything about the arc and the death of his brother. Before Luffy got his chest scar, he was in shock because his brother, Ace, was dying in front of him. He was in shock, and the trauma was soo severe that he was paralyzed and unconscious with his mouth open. There may be another reason for the paralyzation of Luffy. Perhaps Luffy forces his body to the point where Luffy asks for the other doze of Ivankov’s adrenaline hormone. If this abuse is enough, it could cut down his lifespan. Akainu plans to wipe out Luffy and Ace, who he considers the generation of criminals because of their parent’s reputation. 

Fortunately, his friend protects the Luffy with Whitebeard’s crew. At first, Akainu blocks Jimbe while holding Luffy and takes him away. Furthermore, Akainu can keep up to the bay area of Marineford. Then he punched Jimbe soo hard with the help of a magma-enhanced punch. The attack was strong enough that it caused the eruption to burst out of Jimbe and hit Luffy in his chest area. This attack caused so much damage to his chest of Luffy that he may risk dying. Buggy is under pressure to maintain his reputation. He asked to use Devil fruit Powers to fly or grab Luffy and Jimbe while fleeing from Akainu. 

It was a deep burn wound because of the intense heat and explosive effect of Akainu’s Magma Devil Fruit Ability. The explosion caused a massive tear to Luffy’s skin, and many parts of the flesh on his chest area if we analyze the damage. 


It is Episode 223, in which Robbin and Luffy don’t know that they are pirates. A memory thief hypnotizes Zoro, and he attacks Luffy. Zoro utilizes his Katana and makes an ‘X’ on his chest. It is the reason for the wound on his chest.

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