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What has replaced blogging? 5 trends that have replaced blogging?

What has replaced blogging?

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms have replaced blogging. However, it is not the truth because blogging has developed gradually. So is blogging still applicable? Does it have any future furthermore? In this article, you will learn whether blogging is still alive or its era has been ending? Also, which trends have replaced blogging?

Future Of Blogging And Bloggers in 2022 

In the presence of social media, FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram, blogs will and can remain relevant. Moreover, humans have been reading writing for many years, and it will not change. Even YouTube engineers have their own developer’s blog. Even the big companies are sticking with blogs. You may wonder why the big companies run a blog. The answer is simple blogs are still in demand. If blogs were dead, such companies wouldn’t spend money on them.

What has taken over blogging?

Blogging includes writing an online diary where the bloggers share small details of their daily lives with the internet. However, only a few people write a journal these days, but sharing daily slices is not over yet socially. Moreover, it has only evolved.

Social Media Is Getting Wild Over Blogging

Technology is wild. Moreover, At times blogging was the most important platform for building credibility. However, social media seems to take its place now.

5 trends that have replaced blogging?


Everybody knows Facebook. Moreover, it is beneficial for daily activities. Facebook is used by millions of people around the globe to stay connected. Also, it is a powerful tool that helps find friends and build healthy relations with people across the world. In addition, Facebook has become a business tool gradually. Each business has its Facebook account nowadays. Also, Facebook provides you with a friendly environment. 

Facebook is beneficial for the business community. People can easily share your content, and there is a lot of credibility in this regard. Moreover, suppose a friend recommends your product. In that case, hundreds of people can see it, which means you can advertise your products free of cost by using Facebook. You can say that Facebook has replaced blogging today. However, you cannot put only limited content on Facebook. Moreover, you can only put short content that is generally inspirational and not one that seeks to educate an audience.


Many people believe that Instagram has replaced blogging because; it is way easier to get a following on this platform than blogging. Moreover, Instagram is an excellent platform that is very easy to use. Millions of people are using this application and are very happy with it. Instagram has replaced blogging because blogging demands much hard work. You have to post long content and videos and pictures, which is time-consuming also. In addition, you can only reach people having a genuine interest in the content with blogging. However, Instagram makes you put pictures also. It is an old saying that “a picture means a thousand words .” 

Moreover, you can create a business account using Instagram, a platform where you can put your products as an authority. For example, suppose you are a bodybuilder. In that case, you can promote yourself by putting pictures of your body than writing about it. However, the only drawback of using Instagram is that it has limitations. Moreover, you cannot post links from where people may buy your products. Therefore you have to advertise to create a click bate post where you may take the audience toward the landing page. However, if your content is academic, Instagram is not the best place for you.


Youtube needs no introduction. Millions of people are using youtube all over the world. Moreover, it is beneficial for every age group. You can display your talent in the form of video. Also, the video is more appealing than written words. Moreover, the reading demands a lot of time and effort to understand. On the other hand, videos make it easy to make your point shortly. Youtube is best for people who focus on demonstrating how something is done. Moreover, people like to learn from videos because it is easier to follow instructions. Youtube is beneficial for almost every person. People make accounts on youtube. The audience can subscribe to their favorite channels and learn many things by just sitting at home.

Images, Photos, and Idea Sharing

So what happens when the young ones have cameras? People start taking selfies and groupies. Moreover, a picture speaks a thousand words, and not everybody is good with words.


Earlier, making videos was not an easy task because it demanded an expensive camera, a production team, and long rolls and film. However, making a video in just no time is possible today with the help of smartphones. Also, smartphones have become very common today. This technological revolution has given birth to another form of blogging. You can call it video blogging or vlogging. However, many bloggers nowadays are overly dramatic, but vlogging is way more entertaining than blogging.

Social blogging and microblogging

In this modern age, it is understandable why people still blog, but in a different way of sharing short posts and pictures publically. You must check “Medium” and “Tumblr” to experience social blogging.

Are blogs still functional in 2022?

Yes, blogging is functional even in 2022. It is still in the game. However, it has adopted various shapes. You may not believe it, but there are65 million new blogs set up each year. Moreover, the live streams apps and social media may overtake blogging. But it is not valid. There is still demand for blogs and blog posts. And mostly, the bloggers combine blogging with vlogging, videos, podcasts, and live streaming.


Social media, video sharing, youtube, Facebook, and Twitter seem to have replaced blogging, but this is not true. Blogging has only evolved. Blogging is not dead yet and is still functional. Moreover, 64 million blogs are set up every year. So you can say blogging has just evolved but is not over. Also, many people love to read blogs even today.

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