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What Is The Average Weight For 13 Years Olds Boy And Girl?

Average weight for 13 year olds

People nowadays are primarily unfit. Moreover, their weights are either above or low the average. However, the weight may vary depending upon various factors. The boys and girls have different structures biologically. Moreover, puberty is the main factor. It is responsible for a child’s weight and appearance. Also, the times of puberty in boys and girls are different. There is a specific timeline of puberty for girls and boys. 

Variations In The Weigh Of 13 years old children

The kids gain muscle mass and bones when puberty starts. Moreover, several physical changes take place in both boys and girls. Such changes may occur suddenly, resulting in fast weight gain leading to feelings of self-consciousness as kids adjust to new body changes. In addition, there is no specific time for puberty, and some may enter puberty at the age of 8. Others may have it in their early teens. So, you can say that puberty is also responsible for weight; there are wide ranges of regular shapes, weights, and sizes.

What should be an average weight for 13 years old girl?

There is a specific timeline of puberty for girls and boys. Also, the kids gain muscle mass and bones when puberty starts. The CDC “Centre for disease control,” mostly 13years old girl weighs around 76 and 149 lb. However, the 50th percentile regarding weight in this class is about 101 lb. It shows more than 50% of girls of this age are less than 101lb.

Moreover, the doctors classify girls weighing less than the fifth percentile as underweight. However, if a girl being 13 years old weighs more than the 95th percentile, the doctor may find obesity. Remember, the height factor also matters. Have a look at the percentiles by weight for a 13-year-old girl as

5th percentile77 lb
10th percentile79 lb
25th percentile90 lb
50th percentile101 lb
75th percentile117 lb
90th percentile135 lb
95th percentile148 lb

So, generally, an average weight for a 13-year-old girl should be between 76 and 148 pounds. If a girl being 13, weighs less than 76 pounds, she is underweight. Similarly, if a 13 years old girl weighs more than 148 pounds, she is overweight.

What should be an ideal weight for a 13-year-old boy?

The average weight for 13 years old boys is between 76 and 146 pounds. Moreover, the 50th percentile for weight is almost 100lb in this group. It shows that more than 50% of boys of such age weigh less than 100 lb. Moreover, if a 13 years old boy weighs less than the 5th percentile, he is “underweight.” On the other side, if a boy of similar age weighs above the 95th percentile, he is “overweight.” Remember, the height factor also plays its role in this regard. The percentiles by weight for 13-year-old boys are given below.

5th percentile75 lb
10th percentile80 lb
25th percentile88 lb
50th percentile100 lb
75th percentile116 lb
90th percentile133 lb
95th percentile145 lb

In addition, by the table above you can easily find out what is the average age for 13 years old boy.

What are the factors responsible for the average weights?

It is not easy to determine the average weight of 13-year-old children without considering some factors. Moreover, these factors affect the body weight of teens. Let’s have a look at the factors responsible for weight, below:

The rate of development

Sometimes children get puberty at the age of 8 and 14 years old. For example, suppose you gather s sample of 13-year-old children from the same room. In that case. In that case, you will notice significant differences in body sizes and weights. Moreover, children of the same age group don’t need to enter puberty simultaneously and age. Some kids may have done with the process, while others are just beginning to experience many changes that may lead to physical maturation.

The height factor

The child’s height affects their body weight also. Moreover, it is the most critical factor that cannot ignore. Taller children usually weigh more than the shorter ones. However, it is not compulsory. Muscle mass and bone density also play an essential role. In addition, muscle weighs more than body fat. For instance, a more muscular kid weighs more than a kid having fat in his body.


Genes play a critical role. Genetics is responsible for many things. For example, a kid having good genetics may look more muscular and robust even without working out than a kid who is not genetically blessed. Moreover, the children inherit the genes from their parents. If the parents of a child have tall heights, their child is also more likely to have tall height. It is something natural and cannot be changed. Also, people having various genetic backgrounds usually have different body compositions that may affect body size, shape, and weight.

BMI (Body mass index) 

Everyone knows about “BMI.” Moreover, it is a standard way for calculating body fat using weight and height without other methods such as water weighing. In addition, you can use a calculator given by “CDC” to know your child’s BMI. You have to enter your child’s height, sex, age, and weight, and you will get the result telling whether your child is underweight, overweight, healthy weight, or obese.

Less than 5th percentileunderweight
5th percentile to 86th percentilehealthy weight
85th percentile to 96th percentileoverweight
95th percentile and greaterobese


An environment can affect a child strongly. Moreover, the location plays a crucial role and may influence the children’s body size, weight, and shape. In short, the area can play a critical role in determining your child’s body weight, size, and shape.

Why is this information essential?

Children who are overweight and obese are at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes and other serious health issues. So is essential to watch your child’s body fat percentage regularly.


Generally, the average weight for a 13-year-old boy is around 76 and 146 pounds. On the other hand, for 13 years old girls, the average weight is generally between 76 and 148 pounds. However, the weight of 13-year-old boys and girls may vary depending upon their height, genetics, and location. I hope you may find this article helpful.

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