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5 Best Ways to Get From Orlando to Clearwater

5 Best Ways to Get From Orlando to Clearwater

Orlando is an ideal destination for visiting different parks. It contains the most attractive Disney World. This place is perfect for families that have small kids. Also, many young people are interested in seeing skyscrapers. The shopping malls are the best for overall shopping. You can enjoy it in this state due to the presence of the theatres.

On the opposite side, Clearwater is famous for sand & surf. It is the best for every individual to visit. It has beautiful beaches that attract tourists. If you go to Florida, you must visit this city. There are numerous hotels nearby beaches. Both North & South beaches are attractive. You can enjoy delicious coffee at any time in this city. The food is tasty in every restaurant. It is the best for all families.

Top Five Ways To Get From Orlando To Clearwater

 If you are in Florida, you should go to both cities. Most importantly, the distance between them is just 106 miles. You can easily cover this distance and enjoy traveling to both destinations. We will tell you the 5 Best Ways to Get from Orlando to Clearwater.

There are different ways to reach Clearwater from Orlando. The choosing of the route is entirely your choice. If you select driving for traveling, you will travel speedily at a low cost. You will bear fewer expenses of moving from one city to another. If you are a visitor to Florida, you can rent a car. The total time required is just two hours.

However, you also have options of train & plane. They are costly options, but you travel more comfortably. Besides, different organized tours can arrange your whole planning of visiting. The following are fantastic ways that are helpful, and you can choose which is excellent for you.

From Orlando to Clearwater by Train

The selection of the train way is the slowest one. Due to the time it takes to reach your next destination, some people do not prefer it. Not every train route needs to be long distance. Some ways will take you to Clearwater in a short time. Therefore, the majority of the people choose it because of its comfortable reach without facing any difficulty.

The fastest route is to choose the Amtrak station. The traveling distance between these cities is just 13 miles with this station. To cover this distance by train, you will require 2 hours 40 minutes. There is no need to book the entire room in this scenario because it is not a long journey. A cabin is enough to enjoy your trip. However, if you are with your loved ones, you should book a room. It consists of different beds. It makes your journey more relaxing.

After reaching Clearwater, you can book a cab. You will only wait for twenty minutes for a taxi. Moreover, the bus station is near the railway station. So, you can go there and visit the entire city. In addition, you can again choose to go to another train station in the town and easily reach your favorite place.

From Orlando to Clearwater by Bus

If you want a cheap way of traveling, the bus is the perfect option. But, it will take more time as compared to the train way. It will need 3 hours and 20 minutes to cover the distance. Most of the time, there is more traffic on the roads. If you move from traffic, you will require more time to reach.

Furthermore, the duration also depends on the different stops. Every route has many visits. If that route has many stops, the requirement of the need is between 3 to 8 hours.

The bus from Orlando’s station will reach you towards Clearwater’s station. After getting there, you will visit the famous places in this city. All of such sites will make you more surprised with their beauty. The friend groups should use this source of traveling. The reason is that you will enjoy yourself with your friends and create more beautiful memories.

If you are new to Florida, choose the bus for easier visiting from one state to another. Although the bus will require more time, it ensures that you reach your place safely. The bus is with complete security so you can travel with any of your worthy things.

From Orlando to Clearwater by Car

We all love to travel by car. The journey in a car is the most relaxing and quickly takes you towards your destination. In particular, it is one of the fastest ways to travel to the other state of Florida. You can efficiently cover the distance of 106 miles between these states. The time requirement is just two hours. It is only possible when there is not many traffic problem. In this duration, once you will fill the petrol in your car, you can efficiently complete your journey without further need for gasoline. It means you will never require stopping the vehicle for again filling the petrol. Your journey becomes comfortable as well as more relaxing. You will speedily reach Clearwater.

There are different routes. Not all ways are with tolls, but some are with tolls. All rental cars are with varying policies on toll roads. Whenever you rent a vehicle, you should check their policy. If you travel to any toll road, you will have to pay the additional cost to the renting company. But, the benefit of such avenues is that they are direct. They will never waste your time. You can directly reach Clearwater from Orlando without taking much time. Thus, it is best to say that it is a cheaper way of traveling.

One of the direct routes is I-275 S. This route is the fastest. But it contains toll also. You have to pass from toll also. If you want to travel the toll-free road, choose the route of I-4 W. It is an excellent option for renting a car also. Another popular route is I-75, but it requires more time. The reason is that it is a busier road and contains a lot of traffic. Many people prefer it over many other routes.

The most fantastic place in Clearwater is its island. If you want to reach there directly, choose the route of I-4 W. Further, you have the option of the I-75 S route. These routes are great for getting to the most beautiful beach in the city.

From Orlando to Clearwater by Plane

You may think that you can travel from one state to another by plane, but it is impossible. No flight can take you to that city. You have only the option of a flight to reach Tampa city. This city is near Orlando, and you can take a flight from there and travel to Clearwater. But, one important thing is that the route is not too direct, and it requires more time. In this case, you have to travel with patience, but the good point is that you will enjoy it.

Now, we talk about the cost of the flight. The flight’s cost is expensive, and you have to pay more according to the quality. Numerous companies offer you to move from one city to other. Orlando is one of such cities that provide you with this facility for traveling. This flight will take you to Tampa Airport. The flying time is different for every flight. Additionally, the minimum time is in between 2 hours and 10 hours.

After arriving at Tampa’s Airport, you can choose a cab or rent a vehicle. No matter which way you choose, the minimum time to reach Clearwater is about forty minutes. If there is any traffic issue, the maximum time will be more than one hour.

From Orlando Spot to Clearwater Spot by Tour Agency

In Orlando, different tour companies provide you with the complete facility the visiting. You can choose that company which meets all of your needs. A professional person who is an expert in tourism makes the best planning of a complete trip. Most of the tours include 12 hours. They will pick you up and then again drop you off during this time. It is a sort of day tour. You will enable to see the worthy places in a day. In particular, the day tour is more adventurous and fun to enjoy. In addition, you will get all the information about all such places.

If you choose this way, you have to become more punctual. The time for leaving is in the morning. Thus, prepare yourself early in the morning. You will return at 7 pm. The sand and beach are the most beautiful places in Clearwater. The beaches are famous for enjoying the sun during the daytime. And the waves are the most impressive to see. You will need to take rented beach chairs for comfortable sitting on the beaches. The company will provide you with lunch. The lunch is of good quality and enough to eradicate the hungry. Another critical point is that you have your extra cash. Thereby, if you will need anything, you can buy it.

Final Thoughts

Sea screamer is a fantastic destination for riding boats. The time for the ride is more than one hour. In an hour, you can cover the distance of 35 miles to the ship. If you are interested in the fishing adventure, you will require to pay more fees. Enjoy your dinner and capture the beautiful pictures. The catching of fish makes your dinner more amazingly delicious.   

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