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How Do You Make A Farmer In Little Alchemy?

How Do You Make A Farmer In Little Alchemy?

How Do You Make A Farmer In Little Alchemy?

Little alchemy is an online game where you start with the four essential elements and combine them to create more things. This game is about mixing elements to create surprising, engaging, and fun items. However, every item is somehow a little puzzle to solve. Your goal is to reach 510 elements at the end of the game. However, you can make farmer in the Little Alchemy by combining:

Field + Human

Human + Plant

Human + Pitchfork 

Little Alchemy Cheat Information

This game is available on Android and iOS, and it is free. In addition, you can also play this game on your desktop at the Little Alchemy official website. However, if you sign in, you can sync across devices. Moreover, if your child gets stuck badly while playing the game, then there are some official hints and also some websites that have Little Alchemy Cheats, which are as follows:




Little Alchemy is a famous mobile game in which you have used different combinations of things to make new elements. In addition, your goal is to solve each recipe given to you; start with the elemental earth and fire and resultantly create the unicorns and spaceships. Furthermore, when you score a rare item combination, it is amusing. There are some items called “ Hidden Gems” that only a few can achieve in this game. However, the eight rarest items in this game are The One Ring, Tardis, Astronaut, Ice Cream, Doge, Keyboard Cat, Nessie, Yeti, and The Doctor.   

How To Play Little Alchemy?

It is a simple and creative game in which you have to combine elements to make an item. Here are some simple steps to play Little Alchemy.

Pick the chosen element 

On the right side of the screen. At the start of the game, the toolbar has only four elements; earth, air, fire, and water. When you start playing, you have to pick up any element and do an experiment. 

Drag your elements 

After you have chosen which element you want to mix, place your cursor on it. Click on that element and hold down the button. Drag that element to the left side of the screen and then paste it on the toolbar. When you find the space, drop the element, release the cursor and let that element go. 

Mix the elements 

The aim of this game is to mix the elements so that you can find new ones from them. To mix one element with the other, you must select the second element on top of the previously dropped element. Select and drag the new element to the left of the toolbar. Drop it at the top of the element you wish to combine it with. 

Ask for hints 

If you are stuck while playing the game, you may ask for help for a random hint by clicking the “Are you stuck?” or the “Need a Hint?” button in the top right corner. After this, it will display a cheat sheet on the screen. After the element shows, you have to scroll down to see the key, which you must mix with it.

How To Make Farmer In Little Alchemy?

Farmers have a unique problem; they have to wait for their crops to be ready. However, if they harvest earlier, it will reduce their yield. There is also a chance that all the crops will lose due to weather changes. 

Farmer is one of the first elements you have to make in the Little Alchemy 2. Furthermore, this happens as many elements need farmers as an ingredient, like crops, fields, and Wheat. However, with the help of this guide, you will be able to make a farmer in Little Alchemy. You will quickly navigate and browse through the best possible combinations. Here we mention the combination from which you can make a farmer in Little Alchemy.

Field And Human

If you want to create a farmer, firstly, you will require a human and a field. So you have to combine both of these items to create a farmer. 

Human And Plant

As it is clear, you are creating a farmer in Little Alchemy, so you can make him by combining the elements of Plant and Human. 

Human And Pitchfork

Human is one of the four essential elements in Little Alchemy. So you must have this item from the start of the game. However, you have to click on the Human to combine it with the Pitchfork, and you get a farmer. 

What Are The Possible Combinations From Farmer In Little Alchemy?

This guide will see how to make a farmer in Little Alchemy. Here we make some combinations with the farmer; if we take the farmer and gets combine it with:

  • Barn helps to make Farm
  • The car helps to make a Tractor
  • Bird helps to make Chicken
  • Cow helps to make Milk
  • The Field helps to make Wheat
  • Earth helps to make Field
  • The Plant helps to make Wheat
  • The tree helps to make Fruit
  • Life helps to make Livestock
  • House helps to make Farm
  • Grass helps to make Hay
  • Wild animal helps to make Livestock

Walkthrough For A Farmer In Little Alchemy

Air + Water = Rain

Earth + Water = Mud

Plant + Mud = Swamp

Swamp + Energy = Life

Earth + Life = Human

Fire + Air = Energy

Rain + Earth = Plant

Plant + Human = Farmer

Is Little Alchemy Helpful For Kids To Improve Their Skills?

To successfully create the new elements, the player has to think outside the box and try the new combinations of the items. In addition, for those who are playing Little Alchemy 2, it will help as they give no penalty if your guess is wrong. If your two-element would not combine, it will simply clean off the board, and you have to try again. Furthermore, these games enhance the creativity of the kids and their approach to a more open-minded and creative perspective. 

How Alchemy Is Improving Kid’s Skills?

Moreover, this game starts with some simple items that you can combine. It will continue to become more complex as you add more elements. In addition, players who need some practice have to start by combining some essential elements at the beginning. So this will give them a practice of how they can approach more challenging combinations.

There is also an encyclopedia from which players can take help and look at the various combinations of the elements. Although, it is not easy to go back to look at every single combination you are using. Here your practice and memory help you. Players who remember the combination and struggle withholding the info in their heads will benefit more from these games. As there is no chance to lose in this game, it allows the low-stake practice. It gives a chance to players to commit these combinations to memorize at a pace that is convenient for them.


In this guide, we will show you how to create a farmer. However, you will have to follow the instructions given above. Little Alchemy helps kids to improve their memory skills. Furthermore, it enhances creativity in the kids, as they have to combine different elements to make an item.