Home Games How To Make Wood Little Alchemy 2 Official Tips And Strategies

How To Make Wood Little Alchemy 2 Official Tips And Strategies

How To Make Wood Little Alchemy 2 Official Tips And Strategies

How To Make Wood Little Alchemy 2 Official Tips And Strategies

Little Alchemy is an online game where you have to combine elements to make unique and advanced composites. The objective of this game is to mix different elements to make new ones. You have to drag and drop various elements on top of each other and make new ones. So if you want to integrate an element, select the second element on top of the previously dropped element. However, the game starts with the essential four elements: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Each component of the game has an icon on the right side of the screen. Moreover, there is a giant blank slate on the left side of the screen.

Little Alchemy 2 Official Tips   

It is a creative game based on combining different elements. Furthermore, you can play this game on iOS, Android, and your online browser. Wood is one of the most important things. It is used to make houses, tables, chairs, wardrobes, and other stuff for decoration. However, many do not know the steps to create a Wood. So in this article, I’ll tell you the tips and tricks of making wood in Little Alchemy 2. However, to craft a Wood/Tree, you must first prepare a tool and a tree. This post will help you step by step in making a Wood in Little Alchemy 2. 

Little Alchemy – How To Play This Game?

Little Alchemy is a simple and creative game based on different elements. Moreover, when the components are made, you will create new elements. In addition, you can play this game on iOS, Android, and your online browser for free. Let us discuss how to play this game.

Step- 1: Pick Your Selected Elements 

In this game, there is a toolbar on the right side of the screen. At the start of the game, the toolbar has an option of four elements. Air, water, earth, and fire. When you start playing, select any of the elements from the toolbar and experiment. 

Air – This element is represented by small dashes across a square area. These dashes are light blue. 

Earth – It is in the form of small wedges of land. The bottom of the image is brown like dirt, and the top portion is green such as grass.

Water – It represents the small white icon just like a droplet. 

Fire – This icon is a small red flame that is easily recognized.

Step – 2: Drag The Element

Place your cursor over it once you have picked the element you wish to mix. Your cursor is in arrow form with four heads surrounded by the yellow circle. Furthermore, click on that element with the help of your mouse and hold the button down. Then you have to drag the element to the left side of the screen and paste it into the toolbar. Moreover, when you have found an available area to place the element, release the cursor to drop the element. 

Step – 3: Mix The Elements 

The primary purpose behind this game is to mix the elements to make new ones. Suppose you want to combine the components. You have to place a second element on top of the component that you have dropped previously. Moreover, select and drag the new element to the toolbar’s left side. Drop it on the top of the element you wish to combine with. 

How To Make A Block Of Wood From Scratch In Little Alchemy 2?

There are 32 steps to creating a tree from scratch. If you are new to Little Alchemy 2, you can start from step 1. In addition, if you’ve already made some items at this stage, you can bring them anywhere in your Little Alchemy 2 itinerary. 

water + water = puddle 

puddle + water = pond 

pond + water = lake

lake + water = sea

Earth + Sea = Primordial Soup

Fire + Fire = Energy

Energy + Primordial Soup = Life

Earth + Fire = Lava

Lava + Air = Stone

Fire + Stone = Metal

Earth + Metal = Plow

Earth + Plow = Field

Stone + Stone = Wall

Wall + Wall = House

Field + House = Barn

Fire + Life = Phoenix

Phoenix + Phoenix = Egg

Barn + Egg = Chicken

Chicken + Egg = Philosophy

Earth + Earth = Land

Earth + Land = Continent 

Continent + Continent = Planet

Air + Planet = Atmosphere

Atmosphere + Water = Cloud

Cloud + Water = Rain

Planet + Philosophy = Big

Earth + Life = Soil

Rain + Soil = Plant

Big + Plant = Tree

Stone + Metal = Blade

Metal + Blade = Sword

Tree + Sword = Wood

Suppose you are a new user of this game and would like more information, or if you are sharing this information with a friend who is just starting with the game. Here, we will go through some details below that may interest you. However, the next section will guide you further if needed. Furthermore, it has step-by-step information on how to make each item of each step, regardless of whether you offer full details or a combination of more information and links. In addition, if an item in a step has been previously created and published, you can open it in another tab simply by providing a section link to the post.

Assume You Are Already In The Game: 

Before I explain the steps, I want to tell you about making a Wood. To create a Wood, you first need to do some tools and a few things to make it. Then, in the end, the wood is mixed with the tools to create the wood.

Step 1 – Select Big from the toolbox and drag it to the game board. 

Step 2 – Select PLANT from the Elements panel and place it on the Big you already placed on the board. 


In this guide, you learn how to make wood in Little Alchemy. You will learn the basic tricks to play this game by following the above instructions. However, this game is very helpful in boosting kids’ memory skills. In addition, combining different elements helps to enhance their creativity.