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How To Tell the Difference Between Fat and Loose Skin?

How To Tell the Difference Between Fat and Loose Skin?

Many fitness enthusiasts are increasingly concerned about fat and loose skin—specifically those who have dropped a large amount of weight. The loose skin on the abdomen, arms, and shoulders appears like fat. You can say that it is not easy to differentiate between excessive and loose skin. The sagging and unsightly skin is left behind when someone reduces weight rapidly. It shows that they have fat at incorrect places on their body. The point of concern is, how can you tell the difference between fat and loose skin?

You can ensure about it by a pinch test. If you can pull the skin area away by pinch, it’s only loose skin. There are other ways to ascertain but before this, let’s have an idea about fat and loose skin.

Concept Of Loose Skin

Skin is the kind of living organ that contract or stretches relevant to your body weight. The skin left behind after reducing weight is known as loose skin. Obese people are always willing to begin a weight-loss journey. They rush for their goal; they end up with loose skin.

Therefore, it is best to prefer reducing weight gradually. Loose skin can be caused by a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Pregnancy
  • Dieting
  • Exercising

It’s also possible that you’ll lose muscle and fluids in addition to fat. Gradual weight reduction is the best way to prevent loose skin. But if you find it severe, then surgery is the best option.

Concept Of Fat Skin

The mixture of all compounds part of our food is known as fat. It seemed like loose skin to us. You can’t pinch fat off if you have it. Moreover, it exists under your skin and all over the body. Fat can be burned by cardio, like swimming, running, and other high-intensity exercises. Excess abdominal fat is hazardous to one’s health. It mostly has an association with high heart risk.

Similar Characteristics Between Fat and Loose Skin

  • Fat and loose skin has the same appearance.
  • Loose skin on the belly, arms, or things looks almost similar.
  • Both fat and loose skin should not be a part of your body.

How Can You Differentiate Between Fat and Loose Skin?

Now, let’s move toward the ways of finding whether you have loose skin or fat.

Pinch Test:

You only have to pinch the concerned region to see if it helps. The skin between fingers tells whether you have lost fat or not. If there are more than a few millimeters of skin on your fingers, you must lose weight. There is nothing as such wrong with loose skin if it is not severe. It depicts that you have probably successfully reduced weight. But you may not be able to get the desired impact on the skin.

Get In Touch with An Expert:

There is a possibility of having fat under loose skin, known as visceral fat. In this scenario, the best favor you can give yourself is to consult with a doctor. He can tell you better whether you have fat or loose skin. According to the outcome, you can work on your body.

Push That Specific Area:

That is another effective method to differentiate fat from loose skin. Push on that area; if the skin bounces back, it is fat. But if it doesn’t happen, then it’s loose skin.

Why My Stomach Is So Thick?

If there is a lot of thick skin around your stomach, you probably have a lot of fat. There is fat if you squeeze the problem area, but it doesn’t wrinkle. That’s why you are feeling thick in your stomach. To lose fat, you must exercise daily.

Why Do You Experience Loose Skin After Weight Loss?

Many people are not content with their physical appearance despite losing weight. The reason for dissatisfaction is the drooping skin that often hangs about the following parts:

  • Lower back
  • Over belts
  • Underarms

It has been seen often that weight loss results in loose skin. Sometimes, it becomes impossible to remove without costly surgery. It happens because the skin has the highest stretch point. When you force it to go beyond that point, it gets loose. So, the result is the excess weight you have gained.

What Measure Can You Take to Tight Loose Skin?

After confirming having loose skin other than fat, you should work on it. So, here are some beneficial ways to tighten your skin.

Firming Creams:

Retinoids, an ingredient of firming creams, are an excellent option. It increases the following:

  • Skin cell proliferation
  • Maturation
  • Turnover


There is no magical element available in the market that can tighten loose skin immediately. Therefore, the use of supplements can help in addressing this issue.


Weight reduction activities can be beneficial in reducing the look of loose skin, especially if the reason behind it is weight loss. The skin can lose its ability to shrink with a weight reduction, specifically if it has been drenched in fat for a more extended period. The loose skin appearance can get reduced by replacing fat with muscle mass.

Massage Specific Area:

The increase in blood flow and anti-aging response may be increased by skin massage. These results have been seen by using anti-aging massage or skin lotion. The use of oscillating massage by hands increases the beneficial effects of the cream.

Is Loose Skin Permanent?

For those who reduce weight gradually, the skin retracts independently. There are fewer chances that the help of natural remedies will need. However, those who have experienced rapid weight loss may need contouring surgery. There are also various medical procedures for skin tightening.

Overview Of Loose Skin Vs. Fat


Superficially it seems complicated to differentiate between fat and body loss. But there are some simple methods from which you can identify what is wrong. Loose skin is not only a result of rapid weight loss. It also usually happens after delivering a baby. Even loose skin looks like fat but gives the appearance of an older person’s skin, unlike fat which is tightened and fleshy. 

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