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20 Signs He Knows He Hurt You| Does He Feel Bad For Hurting Me?

Does He Feel Bad For Hurting Me?

It is not a good thing when a man hurts a woman emotionally, physically, and mentally, particularly to that woman he loves. But in the moment of anger, rage, and frustration, when he hurts women, what does she feel? What exactly does a man feel when a woman hurts him. There is a misconception about the happy couple: they never hurt each other. And it is a wrong notion. They hurt each other sometimes, but they immediately resolve the matter so it will not lead to misunderstandings. 

Relationships are not perfect; there are some unpleasant moments in everyone’s life, but you have to resolve these issues with love and care. In a relationship, two different people are trying to understand each other by avoiding each other mistakes. If something worst happens between a couple, they try immediately to make things normal and prevent it from happening again. 

Sometimes it is hard to admit that your behavior is wrong, but it does not mean that you are not guilty. If a partner who does wrong to you has not apologized to you, he may not want to face you. So in this article, we mention some of the facts to know he is guilty of his behavior when he hurts you.  

20 Signs He Knows He Hurt You

These are some signs that you can understand that your partner feels guilty for hurting you. Let’s discuss them. 

He Apologizes

If he apologizes to you, he is guilty of his behavior. A sincere apology from his side at the right time will show you that he is guilty of hurting you and ashamed. Now he feels bad and sorry about what he has done, and an apology is the only way to move forward and make you feel better. 

He Keeps You Asking If You Are Alright

It is the most common sign that he is guilty if he continuously asks you about your feelings. If he did not care about you, he would surely not bother your feelings. He will move on and forget the things he has done to you shortly. If he keeps on asking about your feeling, he must care about them, and he tries to normalize the situation.

Make Promises To Change His Behavior

When people are concerned about someone, they will also feel bad about the way they hurt you, so they make drastic changes in their behavior to make you happy. It may start with the little things, such as you start spending more time with the kids, or it will lead to serious changes like getting counseling. 

He Will Be Quite

Sometimes we feel so bad about our behavior that we do not know how to make things right. So instead of arguing will remain quiet and not say anything about the behavior. He may be thinking about the next move or genuinely feeling sorry for the behavior. However, if he looks quieter than usual, it is a sign of guilty behavior.  

Persons who do not like meaningful and deep conversations express their emotions with wide-open laughter. He sees that you are upset with his behavior, so he wants to make you normal. He wants to make you happy so things will get better in your life. Sometimes, he acts goofy and makes silly jokes to make you happy.

He even makes fun of himself to relax you and cheer you up. However, you may feel that you cannot laugh right now. 

He Agrees With Your Every Decision

Once you requested him to do something and he refused you, now he agrees with you, showing that he is guilty of his behavior toward you. For example, if you want to clean up the garage and he refuses all the time, now he agrees with you to clean it up. Or the expensive table you want to buy for your kids, and he does not agree with you; now he agrees with you and will purchase it. These are the way some guys may act while they are guilty without admitting it.

He Makes You Feel That You Deserve Better

Another way to divert the attention of someone is to put their focus on another person. A person who feels guilty for his behavior may use these words with you, like “You deserve much better than me” or ” You are very special and too good for me.” These kinds of people do not face the situation, and whatever he has done, they want to divert your attention. He puts all the situation on you as he has low self-esteem. 

When a person is guilty, he will try different ways to talk with you. He will get in contact with you in many other ways. For example, he may call you except his routine with some excuse, “what’s for dinner”? Despite the reason, he will make some excuse that why does he have to call you? And when he calls or texts you, he wants to know about your emotions and reactions. It is an indirect way of asking about the feelings of others.

He Starts Avoiding You 

One possible reason is that he feels so guilty in front of you that he does not want to face you. He doesn’t know how to face you about what to say to you, so he stays away from you. Or the other reason is that he may feel so ashamed of his behavior or actions that he cannot look into your eyes. You can also notice that he does not respond to you when you text or call. When you feel like he is deliberately avoiding you, he might feel guilty for his behavior.

He Speaks Well About You 

When you hear from your friends that your ex is always talking about how good you were? It shows that he feels guilty about his behavior. Does he always speak well of you if you ever try to talk to him? Or if he takes full responsibility for the breakup, he surely is ashamed of his bad behavior. If he describes you in good words in front of others, he is trying to apologize for his behavior.

He doesn’t Take Responsibility For His Behavior

Sometimes it is easy to get yourself out of a situation by blaming others rather than taking responsibility for our bad deeds. If that man acts like this, he is the victim, and then he may be guilty. You have to agree with him because he is a grown man, and he has to admit the mistake that he hurts you. 

Start Doing House Chores

Men always prefer action instead of wasting their words. First, they will try and then fix things. They are usually not too talkative but prefer to do something productive about the problem. If you notice that your man suddenly participates in all those DIY projects, he may feel guilty about his behavior. He may run the vacuum around the home, cook food for you, or wash dishes; if he is doing something like that, he may regret his wrongdoing.

He Leaves Some Signs Of His Wrongdoings

A guilty person will leave obvious signs of his wrongdoings. If he leaves some clue around you, you should notice that. He is opting for an indirect way to get caught by you and have this guilt. He wants to get caught so that your conversation starts. It would be best to consider this when you feel like he is leaving signs of his wrongdoings and making you notice him. 

He Never Talks About The Problem

When we know that we have done something wrong, so we do not want to give explanations for our actions. So the best way to deal with that emotions is to shut down the conversation with your partner. When you feel guilty, it is the worst situation for anyone. A person with guilt goes through emotions from anger to depression and sometimes blames the victim. However, sometimes it is hard to understand how to start this process. 

He Is Honest With You

Some guys confess their guilt instantly and want to make things normal. When someone confesses their guilt quickly, he is too honest with you, and he wants to make things normal with you. They will explain the situation to you and also tell you unnecessary things. However, they will not do so to hurt you. They want to handle the situation and get over this process as soon as possible. So they show you that they feel guilty for hurting you, but inside they cannot deal with their emotions. 

He Regrets Losing You 

He shows some regrets over losing you. In addition, he feels alone without you, tries to make you happy, and does things close to your heart, which means he feels guilty for his behavior. 

He Will Become More Romantic

Suddenly, your partner becomes more romantic with you, takes you on a date, arranges special trips, and brings flowers. These might be the ways of proving his love for you, and he tries to overcome his guilt. He not just buys you gifts but also fulfills your dreams and makes you feel like the prince of this love story. However, he feels guilty, so he wants to show you that he is the best guy for you. He puts so much care and effort into you to feel better. In this way, he wants to face the facts and admit his mistake so that he will become happy.

He May Pick A Fight With You 

You will wonder if he is guilty of you; he will start another argument with you. His intention will not worsen the situation; however, he feels guilty towards you, so he wants to divert the situation. He wants to shift the focus from his guilty situation and does not want to disturb you. 

He Disappears

It applies to both your ex and your boyfriend; if he hurts you, he will disappear for some time. It does not mean that he does not care for you, but he feels guilty towards you for his behavior as he does not want to face you. He may need some time to reduce his guilt and maybe prepare himself to apologize to you. If your ex disappears completely after the breakup, he may run away from the situation that he has created. He does not want you to account for his behavior and cannot face it as he knows he is wrong and guilty.  

He Wants To Make The Situation Right Immediately

Even in the worse condition, he wants to make things right instantly as he knows his behavior was wrong towards you. He doesn’t want to lose you, so he immediately apologizes to you and does such things that make you happy, so you never think to leave him. He wants to reduce the pain he has given you as soon as possible. 

How Do You Know If Your Partner Regrets His Hurting Behavior?

How long does it take your partner to realize his mistakes? A week or month? It all depends on how serious your relationship is. It also depends on the issue that causes the breakup. Most of the guys, after a breakup, react like this situation does not hurt them. But, in real-time, there is nothing like that. 

However, in some cases, the sign that he hurts after the breakup will not show immediately. He may regret not calling and messaging you because he does not want to face you. What happens when he starts regretting his behavior. There may be other signs that he wants you back in your life. However, when he feels he apologizes to you, you should consider him and consider the effort he has made to make you happy. 


Being hurt in a relationship is a normal thing. If a partner feels guilty for his behavior, you have to understand his situation. Otherwise, your relationship may result in a breakup. When your partner shows signs of regrets, you should understand them. 

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