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What Are Some Underrated Feats In Naruto? Is Naruto Really Underrated?

What Are Some Underrated Feats In Naruto? Is Naruto Really Underrated?

Naruto’s world is full of fantastic ninjutsu. In this anime series, there is no shortage of imaginative Jutsu. So as there are so many fantastic Jutsu in this anime series, we neglect some less famous techniques. However, if they are super powerful, this is true for those characters of the anime who make a brief appearance in the long-running series. There are many underrated feats from Naruto that is just amazing, and they are just creative and powerful. A Jutsu release once, and its effects will remains incredibly memorable. Naruto series is not an underrated anime series; however, it is famous worldwide. 

What Are The Underrated Feats In The Naruto Series?

Many underrated feats in the Naruto anime series are beyond amazing but gain significantly less popularity. Here we discuss some of them. 

Water Prison Shark Dance Technique

This technique is potent ninjutsu that covers its users with a massive dome of water. If that is not enough for the enemy, the dome also changes its shape to ensure that the user’s victim can’t escape. This technique is beneficial and powerful for water-based ninja-like shark-like Kisame Hoshigaki. 

Transparent Escape Technique

The origin of this ninjutsu is pretty unnatural; however, the Transparent Escape Technique is beneficial but underrated. This technique permits users to spy on the target location without being identified. It is ideal for spying on a secret conversation.

Scorch Release

This technique consists of a deadly fireball skill that Pakura performs. These fireballs surround the body of Pakura; this serves as miniature suns that can evaporate their enemies. Anyone who unfortunately touches these fireballs; will result in all the moisture evaporating from their body and leaving them mummified. 

Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven

This ninjutsu is passed down by the Hyuga clan, which gathers all its users’ chakra and surrounds them the users and acts as a shield. It serves as a fix for blindspots because it protects the chakra points of its users. Neji Hyuga is a ninja-like him that can divert any attack that comes his way, so this ninjutsu is defensive and offensive at the same time.

Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals

Unfortunately, we did not see this ninjutsu soo much in the series due to the Haku’s tragic passing. But it still deserves some appreciation. With this technique, users can create mirrors with the ice and confuse their opponents due to its multiple reflections. It will give many benefits to its users as it can travel through the mirrors and attack the opponent without identifying the actual location. 

Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists

You should never call Hinata shy; however, she can pierce like a lion, as shown by this ninjutsu move. This technique is a very high-level secret technique that enhances the destructive powers of its users.

Drunken Fist

This technique challenges all the uncontrollable rage of a drunk in the fighting style. However, the drunkenness of its users makes it difficult to differentiate between the foes and friends, and who release this technique will inevitably damage because of its massive intoxication.

What Are The Most Underrated Feats Of Naruto?

There are many techniques of Naruto that are very amazing and powerful but, unfortunately, did not get much hype. Let’s have a look at them.

Frog Kumite

Because of the training in the art of sage mode, naruto gained a particular type of ninjutsu called Frog Kumite. This feat permits him to strengthen his hand-to-hand combat skills, and he can also shatter steel rods with his bare fists. Naruto can also use the natural energy around him to attack his enemies. However, this ability is not extensively used by him, which is quite dangerous. 

Magnet Release

This technique is potent used by only a handful of people in the Naruto world. When Naruto uses his powers, he can give magnetic properties to his chakra. He can also use it in sealing Jutsu to make it even stronger. Naruto uses this technique against the Madara Uchiha to seal away one of the shadows of Madara. 

Negative Emotion Sensing

Naruto can sense the negative emotions around him. This ability awakens in his body when he defeats Kurama within his body and then gains access to his chakra. This skill is highly effective in recognizing their enemies. For a Hokage, it is essential to have this ability. 


Naruto is a member of the Uzumaki clan, which shows that his chakra is much higher than usual, like his vitality. However, the most fantastic thing is his regeneration ability which originates from being the Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails. Even before he had Nine-Tails, he could quickly regenerate his injuries. When he fought against Sasuke, which was his first fight, Naruto quickly recovered from his punctured lungs within a few seconds. 

Lava Release

Another ninjutsu that Naruto receives from a Tailed Beast is the Lava Release, a compelling ability. When he saves Son Goku, Naruto gains a portion of his chakra. It gets the power to tap into the corrosive lava release. However, the ninjutsu is so powerful that it even slices the God Tree in half. 

Sensory Perception

Naruto gets some extraordinary powers after the meeting with Hagoromo Otsutsuki, along with the incredible ability of Six Paths Sage Mode that serves him a massive boost in his powers.

Shadow Clone Jutsu 

This technique of Naruto is very underrated as this skill permits him to clone himself with the help of splitting his chakra the required number of times. It is very amazing to gain experience.


Naruto, along with many characters in the series, has much more powerful ninjutsu that is very much liked by his fans. However, some amazing ones are not much popular. The reason may be that they appear for a shorter time in this long-running series. 



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