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Why Didn’t Anyone Adopt Naruto?

There are many reasons why Naruto was not adopted. His parents died shortly after his death. So this raised many questions; one of them is who raised him after the death of his parents? The Third Hokage took care of Naruto when he was a child.

Mikoto did not adopt her because, being an Uchiha, she has many enormous responsibilities. So that does not allow her to do so instantly. Considering the leaf village situation, Naruto’s safety and the Uchiha clan are at risk. This guide will give you a complete overview of who took care of Naruto during his childhood and many questions related to it.

Why Didn’t Anyone Adopt Naruto?

There is a misconception about Naruto and his background, which makes him an outcast in the village. The main reason is that people are afraid of baby Naruto, and that demon is sealed inside him. The people of the village have some fears about Naruto. They believe that he is a live-ticking time bomb that can explode and attack them. Village Konoha considers him a monster instead of an innocent child. Village failed in protecting Naruto. Naruto was hated throughout his childhood which is very sad. 

The second reason is that Naruto is highly mistreated, misused, and killed as he is a Jinchuriki host. People may adopt him and may extract Kyuubi from him in the process of killing him. As time passes, Naruto overcomes all the hardships, and slowly he gains people’s trust. It started with Iruka and then spread to a global scale. Even though he had no parents, everyone treated him like a social outcast. However, Naruto made his teachers, parents, and mentors proud. 

Why Didn’t Iruka Adopt Naruto?

Iruka did not adapt to Naruto. However, they both have a truly special bond. Iruka did not adopt naruto as he never showed any partiality and favoritism towards his students. Naruto’s childhood was very lonely. Iruka realizes the true potential of Naruto. He was the person who realized and understood Naruto’s true abilities. However, he did not adopt him. He is very concerned about Naruto. What if he goes on the wrong way of life and gets hurt. Iruka was aware of Naruto’s loneliness and pain. 

Iruka didn’t adapt to Naruto. However, he took care of Naruto. He also gives his headband to Naruto as a token of acknowledgment and appreciation. Naruto was very sad and furious when Iruka gets hurts. He learns the shadow clone Jutsu and saves Iruka from danger. Naruto cares for and respects Iruka, and his presence has a big effect on Naruto’s life. 

Why Didn’t Sasuke’s Mom Adopt Naruto?

Mikoto, Sasuke’s mother, was conscious that not all the people of his clan were good individuals, so they could threaten Naruto’s security at that location. Considering the village’s state, it belongs to the Uchiha clan and Naruto’s security. Notably, Mikoto has to take care of her finest pal’s son. However, being an Uchiha, she has tremendous responsibilities that do not permit her to do so instantly. 

Did The Uchiha Want To Adopt Naruto?

Many people think that the Uchiha clan wants to adapt the Nine-Tails Jinchuriki to plot revenge. Uchiha would be the one who was less scared by Naruto than the Nine Tail Demon Fox. Although they very much owned the Tailed beast with their eyes. However, they could have used him as a plot. Fugaku did not plan the entire attack at the start itself. He planned it after five or six years when people called him evil. He mentioned that he did not want to use Naruto.

Politically, it will not go in the clan’s best interest to adopt Naruto as the village is already at risk that an Uchiha was behind the attack. 

Why Didn’t Mikoto Adopt Naruto?

Mikoto wants to take care of and adapt to Naruto, but Danzo has not permitted Naruto to place in the care of Uchiha due to the Sharingan’s power over Kurama. Kushina and Mikoto were pals. So it is a surprising question why she did not adapt to Naruto as a toddler? If Mikoto were to adopt Naruto, then Naruto would be grown up in a strict environment, may also train hard, and maybe have a better command of the jutsus. Then possibly, he would have been just like similar to Sasuke. This thing may be very different for Naruto, and his personality may differ from what it is. 

The possible reason why Naruto was not adopted in the Uchiha household was that Uchihas were planning to take over for a very long period. If they add Naruto, it will give them an unfair benefit that they can take over and control the Jinchuriki. It may be the biggest reason anyone did not adopt Naruto in his childhood. However, not everyone is likely to hate him, possibly because he was continuously under constant microscopic observation.  

Who Took Care Of Naruto As A Baby After His Parents’ Death?

It believes that the Third Hokage raised Naruto as a baby. He and Naruto had a bond that you did not clearly understand. Naruto sometimes makes pranks on Hokage statues so that he would get Sarutobi’s attention because he was lonely. The Third Hokage was near Naruto’s Godfather, so his death affected Naruto very much. 

Konoha did not have any orphanage or welfare system, so Naruto did not have any official guardians, as it was obvious that he had to live alone. Many believe that the inheritance left by Minato covered his financial resources or that the Third Hokage gave him support. 


There are a lot of questions about the adoption of Naruto. However, no one adopts him because of the Uchiha clan and Naruto’s safety. The Third Hokage took care of Naruto when he was a baby.

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