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What are the top 10 Instagram bots and automation tools of 2022

Top 10 Instagram bots and automation tools of 2022

In social media marketing, time is a precious commodity since it requires enormous time and energy before it produces results. So to overcome time-related issues, I think exploring automating tools for your Instagram account can be useful. 

Instagram is one of the largest social networking platforms, with more than one billion daily active users. Increasing your brand’s presence via Instagram is an excellent choice in the current era to get your brand accessible in front of a large audience. Therefore to approach your target audience for your business, Instagram is a perfect place. 

Several Instagram automation tools are available that can handle interactions easily. They can perform virtually any task for you, such as making comments, liking photos, and following people. To increase your Instagram engagement, they are truly working hard. 

What are Instagram Automation bots?

A bot is an Instagram automation tool that performs several profile-boosting activities such as likes, following, and comments in a matter of seconds. Even though it might sound simple, it takes a lot of your valuable time to accomplish those simple tasks. The use of bots can greatly simplify this process.

How can Instagram bots benefit your business?

Instagram bots have the benefit of working continuously regardless of the time zone. A bot can maintain your Instagram account 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Instagram bot can automatically search for and follow influencers in your niche based on the parameters you set up. This includes targeting specific hashtags and influencers within your niche. It saves you a great deal of time since you don’t have to scroll through various profiles. Similarly, you are targeting audiences that live in different time zones. The Instagram bot effectively interacts and engages with them according to their feed time. So, you have a greater opportunity of getting more followers.

Here is the filtered list of the top 10 best Instagram bots that can help you boost your Instagram profile 

Here is the detail of the top 10 Instagram automation tools that can effectively help to boost your profile and in gaining a large number of real followers:


SURVIRAL is a time-saving tool powered by Artificial Intelligence that is designed to manage your account and help you grow your Instagram profile. Unlike the average Instagram automation tools, SURVIRAL Instagram bot assures follower growth with the safest and most effective organic growth strategy and influencer marketing. 

Social Caption

Social Caption lets you choose from four modules- Slow, Normal, Fast, and Turbo to boost your account. It provides safe automation services with a simple interface and great support.


With SocialUpgrade, you can always stay available to connect with another person to be there for you. This automation tool puts your Instagram account into the care of a growth manager, who will regulate its functions and ensure that it maintains an optimal activity level.


With Ingrammer, this tool has automated speed activity settings, and they manage every single step of the social media automation process for you. Ingrammer’s services offer the most effective activity speed to increase your account engagement on Instagram.

Social sensi

Social Sensi is the best Instagram automation tool that grows your IG account through its standard safety features that you would expect within an automation service. Its pricing module starts from $45 per month.


MegaFollow is providing its services to increase your Instagram account activity. It has a starting price of only $8.99 for three days. There is no pressure to continue or anything that locks you into automatic renewal. If you decide you like it, you can always go with a longer plan.


Instajool is well known for its wide-ranging accessibility. It doesn’t require any setup to download or software, as it is completely contained within your browser window. It also performs its activities on any mobile device you can imagine.


Instabow is one of the premium tools for automating your Instagram posts. Instabow offers its services for multiple Instagram accounts to be managed under the same login, so you can easily shift between them.


Instamber automation tool offers four different modules for its customers to pick and choose from. It handles many activities such as likes and followings.

Following like

Following like is another tool where you can pay for each group of features separately. They also have various other free tools on their website that will let you increase your account activity.

Concluding Thoughts

Instagram automation tools offer their services to boost your account in real-time. Using these bots, you can schedule Instagram posts in advance, engage with followers, and edit your images from one easy-to-use dashboard. Save your time and brand’s face by automating your Instagram activity correctly. 

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