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Which Naruto moment made you boil?

Which Naruto moment made you boil?

Naruto made itself one of Japan’s biggest exports in the genre. The eager ninja’s tale gained huge popularity both in its birthplace and worldwide after seven hundred chapters of the manga and an even greater number of anime episodes. Naruto’s story is now complete, and a follow-up anime and manga series centering on his son Boruto and a live-action Hollywood version are in the works.

What Is the Most Popular Anime in World?

Naruto’s ‘World Domination’ score was 43.3 percent. It was placing it first in 81 of the 187 nations according to statistics of 2022. Pokémon, on the other hand, came in at 18.2 percent.

Why Should You Watch Naruto?

You’ve probably heard about Naruto, even if you haven’t seen it yet. Naruto’s appeal stems from the fact that it is the ideal anime series. Even if the person is not an anime enthusiast, they will most likely enjoy it if they watch it. If you’ve read the manga and are looking forward to watching the Naruto anime, you won’t be disappointed.

How Naruto Anime Has the Best Story Ever?

Naruto’s story is not just entertaining; it’s also inspiring, and it can and will motivate you. There are only a handful of animes with a tale like this. Since it’s difficult to develop a story that contains everything, this fantastic motivational plot also includes plenty of comedy, adventure, melancholy, combat sequences, and more. That alone should persuade you to watch Naruto anime.

Top Naruto Moments That Made My Blood Boil

Following are the moments in Naruto which made my blood boils: 

The Bell Challenge

His failure was due to his arrogance. Kakashi easily brushed off his clones and inflicted a dubious punishment in retribution. Hatake chained him to a wooden pole after being beaten and demanded that no one feed him. Naruto’s stupidity would have destroyed the team’s training exercise if it hadn’t been for Sasuke’s selflessness.

Pursuing Sasuke Alone

Even with Shikamaru’s tactical brilliance, the expedition to reclaim Sasuke should have been almost a complete disaster. 

While Naruto’s decision to follow Sasuke alone may have been reasonable (considering their previous success at the water towers), Sakura’s uneasiness should have alerted him that something was awry. He could have rescued the town from ruin and misery if he had brought Kakashi from the start.

Secret Fart Attack

Naruto will go to any length to win a fight, and this one was no different. Naruto had to meet Kiba Inuzuka and his dog Akamaru as part of his tests. Kiba and Akamaru overwhelmed Naruto in the early phases of the fight until he could fool Kiba into putting Akamaru out. Naruto decides to confuse Kiba before confronting him. Is he using the sophisticated ninja skill he acquired in the academy to accomplish this? No, Naruto farts in his face before removing Kiba. That is how the professionals do it.

Trading Arms with Sasuke

At best, Naruto’s relationship with Sasuke is tumultuous. Their time together began as rivals as members of Team 7, and their friendship grew from there. Following a tremendous battle against Kaguya tsutsuki, Naruto and Sasuke square off following a debate about the ninja world’s future. They eventually work things out, but only after each warrior has lost an arm in battle. That isn’t the most diplomatic method to resolve a conflict.

Defacing The Hokage

A statue depicting four past Hokage looms over Naruto’s village. It’s like Mount Rushmore in appearance. Naruto uses immature pranks as one of his methods for gaining attention from the locals, who don’t appear to want him around. His latest stunt involves vandalizing Hokage Rock. 

Hiding From the Demons

Team 7 takes the responsibility for transporting Tazuna, a master bridge builder, back to his homeland, the Land of Waves, during their stay at the academy. After confronting by these two fighters, Naruto is rendered speechless by terror and does little to protect his charge. Fortunately for those concerned, Sasuke arrives and saves the day by doing something about it. Naruto didn’t have a good showing this time.

Attacking Sakura

Orochimaru, Team 7’s opponent, used the Nine-Tails’ influence over Naruto while they were fighting. He does not recall the events when he finally calms down and returns to normal, but that doesn’t stop him from losing control again. It almost cost one of his buddies her life this time.

Trusting Kabuto

Naruto’s candor hasn’t always served him well. Allowing Kabuto to accompany them in the Forest of Death arc was a mistake, and there were warning flags he should have noticed.

 Even though he was far older than the other applicants, he persuaded Naruto that he had never passed the Chunin Exams. It provided Orochimaru with an incredible opportunity to spy on the Genin and assess his possibilities, a plan that would eventually pay off.

Clobbered By Karui

When word got out that Sasuke had taken Killer Bee (incorrectly), his classmates, Karui and Omoi, headed to the Leaf to investigate it. Naruto, who used to be Sasuke’s teammate, was logically one of the first individuals they would question. Given that the Akatsuki were still a threat allowing himself to become defenseless was a bad idea.

Punking Out Boruto

The tale shifted to his son, Boruto. To live up to his famous father, he cheats during the match by using an illegal ninja tool. As a result of the cheating, Naruto needs to reprimand his son. He does this in front of a large crowd, disqualifying and humiliating his kid. That is both poor parenting and poor officiating.


We’ve gathered a list of some of the most memorable Naruto moments for you. Whether Naruto is a nice character, he suffers from anger issues that cause him to make poor choices. These situations are likely to make you feel a little uneasy. So, please read this article and share it with your friends.

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