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Precisely what is Ambient Mode on YouTube?

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Precisely what is Ambient Mode on YouTube?

Recently, YouTube announced several changes to its video-watching interface. A new feature known as Ambient Mode is one of these changes.

This article demonstrates the Ambient Mode on YouTube and how to enable or disable this feature.

YouTube’s Ambient Mode: what is it?

The Ambient Mode is essentially a lighting effect that surrounds a YouTube video with a glowing, soft light that usually reflects the colors in the video. The effect is similar to a television screen glowing in a dark room (which YouTube has stated was the inspiration for the effect). Aside from that, YouTube stated, Ambient Mode enhances the video-watching experience in YouTube’s dark Mode. YouTube officially announced Ambient Mode in late October 2022, which is available on Android, iOS, and the web.

To better understand Ambient Mode, it is best to see it in action. Here is a video from YouTube’s official announcement that shows the difference between a video before and after the activation of Ambient Mode:

Video Player

The Ambient Mode creates a color-changing glow while playing the video. Looking at the video player, before enabling Ambient Mode, you will notice that it has a flat, black background. In contrast, after enabling the Ambient Mode, the video player above the screen glows with a red/light pink hue that reflects the video’s colors.

Activating Ambient Mode

There is an option you can enable to access Ambient Mode. However, to access Ambient Mode, you must first activate YouTube’s Dark Theme. Once Dark Theme is active, it will be easy to access Ambient Mode. Here is how to activate the Dark Theme:

On the web, follow these steps:

Go to YouTube.com and sign into your account if you haven’t already done so. Then select: your Profile icon > Appearance > Dark theme or Use device theme if your device is currently running in Dark Mode.

For Android and iOS, follow these steps:

Then, select the following options: your Profile icon > Settings > General > Appearance > Dark theme or Use device theme (if the dark Mode is already set on your device).

How to turn off Ambient Mode

The purpose of Ambient Mode is to be gentle and soft, but if it distracts you, you will still be able to disable it. There are the same steps to turn off Ambient Mode on the web, Android, and iOS devices:

When watching a video, select the Settings gear icon on the screen to bring up a menu. From that menu, choose Ambient Mode from the list of options to turn it on or off. (On the web, there is an actual toggle next to Ambient Mode.)

If you turn off Ambient Mode for one video, it turns it off for all videos you watch going forward. Therefore, if you want Ambient Mode to appear again, you will need to turn it back on the same way you turned it off.



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