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The coolest places to drop in Warzone 2.0

Is there a drop off point? It is tough to answer this question now that Warzone 2.0 has been released and the brand new Al Mazrah map has been added. The location in which you choose to land will impact how long or short your game will last, just as it did in the original Warzone. There are numerous named locations on this new map, varying in size, layout, and loot quality. The addition of Strongholds with AI soldiers to Warzone 2.0 adds even more to the game.

A number of factors will determine where you should drop in Warzone 2.0, such as the trajectory of your drop, whether you are with a squad, and whether you would anticipate landing in a hot zone or whether you would take it slow and steady. We will provide you with the best options to give you a fighting chance of victory no matter what situation you find yourself in. You can claim victory on Al Mazrah by dropping in the following locations in Warzone 2.0.

The best places to drop in Warzone 2.0

Here we discuss the details of the best places to drop in warzone 2.0

Taraq Village

Taraq Village is another northern option to consider. The area is another wide-open area, but it is a good choice because it is conveniently located near other, more popular drop sites. As a result of the elevation advantage that this village has over places such as Al Mazrah City, if you land here early, you and your squad may be able to grab some guns relatively uncontested and take advantage of your tactical advantage when moving on to your next area. Having a decent sniper here will make moving out easier when you are ready.

Sawah Village

Located on the coast, this area is generally unnoticed by most people. However, that is their loss, since any team that drops will typically have free access to all loot in the area. Sawah Village’s greatest advantage is the presence of the Stronghold nearby. You can immediately obtain higher-tier loot by raiding the Stronghold once you are geared up and safe after landing.

Al Mazrah City

At last, we have the map’s namesake, Al Mazrah City. You should be prepared for some immediate action if you are landing here because that is exactly what you will receive. This will be the hottest spot to drop in every game, unless there is some crazy fluke. There is a good amount of loot to be found here, which is some of the best on the map. Obviously, this assumes that you and your team live long enough to gain access to it. Since there are so many skyscrapers and buildings, landing here is not safe due to excellent sniping positions and a large number of buildings to flank and run through. Maybe you and your team should try one of the less-risky drop spots, unless you and your team are very confident or are just looking for some quick, chaotic fun.

Sarrif Bay

In many ways, Sarrif Bay is similar to Taraq Village in that it initially does not appear to be a place anyone would want to drop into, but in fact has a number of positive aspects. One reason is that it is located near the Fortress and the Airport, which are both hot spots where most other teams will prioritize dropping off. From this elevated position, you can take out weakened teams fighting in that area if your squad is able to gear up quickly. In comparison to the previous options, it is somewhat more dangerous. There are, however, a number of options available for escaping.

The Quarry

Let’s start off with a familiar location from Modern Warfare 2 that has been reworked for Warzone 2.0. Quarry is a wide, sprawling series of structures in the northeast of the map, which gives teams the opportunity to loot before jumping into the action if they play their cards right. Most likely, you will not be the only team looking for this location, but it is large enough for a few teams to land and grab some starter weapons prior to engaging other teams. As for loot, it is generally middling, but is perfectly adequate to get you started before moving on to more dangerous areas.

East Suburbs

With the exception maybe of Al Mazrah City itself, East Suburbs occupies the largest part of the Al Mazra map, making it both a hot landing spot and the safest one since you have so much room to divert if you want. Guns, armor, fueling stations, a store, and a hospital are all in the area, along with guns and armor. This location has the benefit of being able to dictate how dangerous it is. In order to ensure an early fight, you can try to hit one of the major spots there or go to one of the edges after the other teams have engaged you.

The Observatory

The Observatory, situated in the middle of the map, presents a riskier choice but is a great tactical advantage if it can be claimed. This loot is not only great but its location and elevation make it ideal for scouting and pivoting depending on how the circle closes in. If you drop here, you’re in for a fight, so take advantage of the high ground and rooftops to give yourself the best chance of winning.

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