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Hyper League: Play-to-Earn Metaverse Hover Racing on BSC

A next-revolutionary Metaverse hover racing game to launch on BSC- Binance Smart Chain.

Hyper League is the next revolutionary play-to-earn Metaverse hover racing game built on BSC. It features a simple gameplay model where players own in-game vehicles and race against other players or AI to generate income. A wide range of weapons and racing tracks are available in Hyper League to provide the most diverse and realistic experience possible. Essentially, it is a platform where users can socialize, express themselves freely, have fun, and profit from these exciting experiences. 


Hyper League will be offering various game modes for racers to choose any racing mode of their own choice. Among the significant game modes are Single Player vs. Multiplayer, Player vs. Player (PvP), and Player vs. Environment (PvE). It primarily involves the purchase of a vehicle, weapons for the vehicle, the selection of a race mode, the selection of a race strategy, and the viewing of the results. A racer’s strategy is of primary importance during a race and is determined by the racing arena. While vehicles with high power and upgrades have an advantage in-game, players with the best race strategy have the ultimate advantage in winning. There are numerous options available for the players to choose from a large collection of superpower vehicles. Players can utilize the platform’s native token $HYPO to purchase in-game assets and for staking. 

Hyper League’s Hover Vehicles

In Hyper League, different vehicles of different categories have their own advantages on the racing track. In this game, players can test out each vehicle’s unique characteristics on the track while competing online. These attributes include speed, power, acceleration, steering grip, and durability. As players compete for the winning position on the track, blockchain technology will allow them to create, trade, and own their own dream vehicle collection.

Recently, the final look of Hyper League’s NFT vehicles in the game has been revealed. At present, there are a total of five hover vehicles that players can access through the game. CK100p, Destroyer, Burner, and G-Racer 5000 are the significant hover vehicles revealed by Hyper League. In the near future, there is going to be a big announcement regarding the Whitelisting of these hover vehicle NFTs, so be sure to keep an eye out for it. Furthermore, it is anticipated that these NFTs will feature some great features that will enable the racer to easily win the race.

Hyper League’s Tracks & 3D Characters

There are a number of exciting race tracks available in this game that are designed for players to challenge and entertain themselves. There are five different types of racing tracks available in Hyper League that include Neon City, Desert, Snow, Water, and Sky City, which are all available to players. Depending on the racing tracks, racers will have to make decisions about what kind of vehicle, driver, and car components they will use in their race.

Similarly, there has been a reveal of the final look of Hyper League’s NFT characters in the game recently. It is also anticipated that these NFTs will come with some great features that will assist the racer to win the race. There will be an announcement soon regarding the Whitelisting for these character NFTs, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

NFTs & Hyper League NFT Marketplace Importance 

In addition to being an NFT-based GameFi, Hyper League also features beautiful 3D NFT digital artwork. Players’ in-game NFT assets are all in-game NFT assets. All of the Hyper League characters, power-boosting weapons, and hover vehicles are NFTs. An NFT asset has immense value in the Hyper League’s own NFT marketplace, which is known as the Hyper League NFT Marketplace. 

In the First quarter of 2023, the Hyper League team will launch the Hyper League Marketplace Phase 1, which will include outstanding features such as buying, selling, and auctioning NFTs (Cars, Avatars, and Weapons). Moreover, the platform will release the first NFT sale with potential benefits when you own it for participation in the Metaverse and the game. The launch of the marketplace has been postponed due to reasons related to the development of the system and products.

Smart Contract 

Hyper League Metaverse

The Metaverse is the convergence of real and virtual worlds, creating a new community where people can work, play, socialize, and even trade. The Metaverse has the potential to lead to a whole new world, bringing numerous opportunities to many people alongside the concept of transcending the current universe.

It will take a great deal of resources for the Metaverse to be able to change drastically. Aside from that, it requires strong support from large technology companies and the community as a whole. We are, however, constantly striving to create our own complete Metaverse, a place that will provide users with the most diverse and real-life experiences across multiple screens.

Hyper League’s Road Map

Welcome to Hyper League’s first game development review! 🎉

We have been working hard on polishing the game, adding new features, and developing new game modes since Q1, 2022. The team has been so busy that they have barely had time to update our community about everything that has been happening.

Milestone 1 – Accomplished

1. – Idea & concept

2. – Website 

3. – Team Building

Milestone 2  – Accomplished

1. – Pitchdeck

2. – White Paper

3. – Game Trailer

Milestone 3  – Accomplished

1. – ERC- 20 Smart Contract 

2. – Staking Smart Contract

3. – Vesting Smart Contract

Milestone 4 – Accomplished

1. – NFT Marketplace

2. – Code Audit

3. – Game Alpha Launch

4. Reward system 

Milestone 5 – In Process

1. – Token Launch

2. – Private Sale

3. – Public Sale

Milestone 6 – In Process

1. – Player vs Computer

2. – Free play mode

3. – Play to earn mode

4.- Tournaments

Milestone 7 – In Process

1. – User Generated Content

2. – Weapon System

3. – Metaverse Support

4. – Community Area

Game Launch

On the basis of the actual product situation and objective market factors, we expect to launch game versions for users at the end of Q4 of 2022. As a result, the latest features will be updated and improved on a daily basis so that they do not affect the user experience.

It has been a pleasure having you by our side during these difficult times. We will update the latest information as soon as possible. It is important to remember that we develop long-distance projects, so don’t be concerned about market fluctuations 💕

About Hyper League Project

The Hyper League game is the first hover-based Metaverse racing game on the BSC platform. Hyper League’s Metaverse offers players various game modes to satisfy their thirst for speed or make money by owning property within the game. Whether it is a circuit race, PvP, or PvE, the possibilities are endless. By providing the most imaginative gaming experience and most profitable monetization options, promoting the BSC ecosystem’s development and the widespread adoption of blockchain technology, we aim to provide players with the most rewarding gaming experience.

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