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Can you ride a zebra-like horse? What difference between a horse and a zebra?

Can you ride a zebra-like horse?

Animals are everybody’s favorite, especially children who love animals. Moreover, I m sure you would have taken a ride on animals like elephants, camels, horses, and zebras in your childhood. Children love to go to the zoo. They enjoy taking rides with their favorite animals. Some children love elephants, and others love zebras or horses. However, some animals look similar, but they don’t. Also, you cannot ride different animals with the same style. However, it may be possible in some rare cases. Do you or your children ever wonder if they can ride a zebra-like horse? And what is the difference between a horse and a zebra? In this article, we will figure out whether you can ride a zebra-like horse. Most importantly, what is the difference between zebra and horse?

Is it possible to ride a zebra-like horse?

Zebra and horses may look similar in height and looks, but as far as riding is concerned, it is fairly difficult to ride a zebra compared to a horse. Moreover, zebras are not ideal for riding because they are not friendly while the horses are calm and friendly. Furthermore, it is hard to ride zebras because of their flatbacks, lower strength, and unpredictable nature. It is why you have seen many people and children riding horses all over the world but haven’t seen many of them riding zebras. Riding a zebra may look unusual.

Differences between horse and zebra ride

In addition, the zebras are wild animals while the horses are pets and are calm and friendly. Riding a horse is very fun and exciting while riding a zebra can be very difficult and less exciting. You often see horses walking and eating in the zoo while zebras are mostly in cages. The horses are friendly and human-loving, while the zebras are not so friendly and calm. Also, the zebra’s nature is unpredictable; you may find them close at one moment and wild at the very next moment.

However, many zoos and parks don’t offer a ride on zebras, while every park and zoo offers rides on horses all over the world. Moreover, you can use horses for multiple purposes. You can use them as a pet and for various helpful purposes. However, you cannot use zebras as a pet because zebras are unpredictable and not friendly. Zebras can be friendly and wild at the very next moment.

Safety measures to take a ride on zebra

In addition, it is not advised to ride a zebra without adopting safety measures. Also, it would be best if you rode zebras in the presence of a coach. But the horses are friendly, and they will not harm you also; they are loyal. The zebras are not trustworthy; in fact, they are wild. Therefore it is safe to ride a horse than a zebra. Also, riding a horse is easy, while riding a zebra is difficult.

In addition, zebras are not big as horses. Therefore, they cannot bear heavy loads. Also, they don’t have nature like horses. Their unpredictable nature makes them wild. Even the most skilled horseman will advise against riding zebras. However, people have also ridden zebras.

Osa Johnson (an American Explorer) zebra ride experience

In the early 1900s, American filmmaker and author Osa Jhonson rode zebras multiple times while traveling through Africa along with her husband. Horace Hayes, a horse trainer, extensively traveled for his work with his wife, Alice. During their stay in Africa, Horace trained a zebra for his wife to ride. Alice concluded that the zebra was too tough and wouldn’t be good for a lady rider.

“Racing Stripes” is a movie in which many people ride zebras can be seen. However, it was just a movie, and the zebra got training for the film. But in normal life, the zebras are not friendly and calm as the horses. The horses are quick, loyal, and friendly. Also, the horse doesn’t harm the rider, while the zebras can harm their riders. Moreover, zebras are smaller than horses. Therefore, they cannot carry heavy things while the horses are big and can bear much weight.

Are zebras rides faster than horses?

Horses are faster and stronger than zebras. Moreover, a horse can run up to 55 miles per hour, while a zebra’s maximum speed is 39 miles per hour. However, zebras are flexible and can change directions faster while running, making them dodge predators. In addition, the horses are faster, while the zebras can escape the predators by being agile.

Moreover, people have ridden zebras and raced on them in past years. For example, they raced many zebras, camels, and ostriches in Arizona in 2016.

Can zebras be tamed like horses?

Yes, you can tame and domesticate zebras; however, it is not easy as horses are. Zebra is more unpredictable and aggressive than horses. Therefore, it is not always ideal or humane to tame zebras. Moreover, zebras can kick and bite due to their wild nature. Zebras can be more dangerous when confined. However, it would be best if you had a lot of patience and time to tame a zebra. Also, you have to practice a lot of care when working with zebras.

Cross between a zebra and a horse 

The wildlife experts call a cross between a zebra and a horse “Zorse.” Also, it is the offspring of a mare horse and zebra stallion. Their reverse paring is called a “zebra” as well. Moreover, a zorse is infertile and cannot reproduce. Also, the horses are bigger than zebras having multi-colors. However, it is much easier to work on horses as they are bigger than zebras. People use them more often than zebras. They normally are born in domestication; however, some are held in the wild in some cases. You can say zorses are a fine balance between horses and zebras.

Zebras VS. Horses; What are the potential difference between them?

A zebra and a horse may look similar; however, they are not identical. Firstly, zebras have a lining on their skin, and they have a small size than horses. Also, they are unpredictable and wild. A zebra can be friendly and aggressive at the very next moment. On the other side, the horses are quicker and stronger than the zebras. Also, they are bigger than zebras. Also, the horses are famous for their loyalty all over the world.

In addition, the horses are calm, friendly, and loyal. In contrast, zebras are slower, aggressive, and unpredictable. The major differences between a horse and a zebra are their speed, size, and coloration. Zebras are quieter, smaller, and lighter than horses, but they can beat them in length. Moreover, the zebras are slower than horses in the majority. However, some people and experts believe that zebras are fast also.


Zebras differ from horses regarding their appearance. Zebras have a black lining on their skin, making them unique and recognizable. While horses usually have a single color, except for the paint horse and Appaloosa, the horses don’t possess an amazing camouflage coat or stripes. Also, the horses are loyal and stronger than the zebras, while the zebras are slower and less strong than the horses.


In addition, you can keep horses at your house because they are friendly and cause no harm to people. But you cannot keep zebras in your home as pets because they are not friendly. Also, they are unpredictable and can cause harm to you and other humans. However, some experts believe that you can train and tame the zebras just like horses. Still, many experts say that zebras are wild, and keeping them at home may be dangerous.

Height and weight

Zebras are not big as horses, and they weigh less than horses. Moreover, zebras are mostly 3.9ft to 5.24ft tall, and they can grow up to 9ft in length. However, the horses are mostly 5ft to 7ft and can grow up to 8ft. It would be best to remember that the horses may be larger than zebras, but the zebras can be longer than them. In addition, a horse weighs between 600 lbs to 1300 lbs, whereas the zebras weigh 900lbs maximum. You can say horses are heavier and larger than zebras.


Zebras can run up to 40mph, whereas the horses can run faster, hitting a maximum speed of 56mph. However, the zebras are swift because they have to run from the most dangerous predators in the world, like cheetahs and lions. Zebras are agile and fast, being wild.

In addition, the horses are not slow either, generally running between 30 mph and 50mph. However, the fastest horse reached up to 55mph, so you can say that the horses are quicker than the zebras. Although, the zebras are agile.


Zebras are more wild, more aggressive, and more stubborn than horses. Also, humans don’t like to ride zebras often because of their size and back shapes. Also, zebras are hard to train. However, humans have been taming horses for thousands of years, which shows that horses are friendly and calm, unlike zebras.


People don’t like to ride zebras because of their aggressive and unpredictable nature. Also, the size and shape of zebras make people not ride them. However, the horses are friendly and calm. Horses are strong and trustworthy. There is a lot of difference between zebras and horses. Zebras are small, aggressive, and unpredictable, while horses are calm, huge, and trustworthy. Hopefully, this article will be useful to know that can you ride zebra like a horse. Also, this article will help you differentiate between a horse and a zebra.



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