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Does Hisoka Look Handsome And Hot With Her Hair Down? What Episodes Does Hisoka With His Hair Down?

Hisoka looks so attractive in his hair down. According to females fans, he looks soo hot in his hair down. He put his hair down in the 68th episode of the 2011 series. However, there are many variations in the Hisoka hairstyles throughout the series. In the 1999 show, he has blue hair, and in the 2011 series, sometimes, it is red and magenta. 

Similarly, his eyes color has also variations throughout the anime series. This vital variation in his appearance makes Hisoka with his hair down in the Greed Island arc, so he looks hot and handsome. The first Hunter x Hunter episode was aired on February 24th, 2013. Hisoka is a magician and grim reaper and one of the main antagonists of the series Hinter x Hunter. He is so strong, and his physical strength is the third number in his group. So he is always looking for a strong opponent. 

Does Hisoka Look Attractive And Handsome With His Hair Down?

Yes, Hisoka looks more attractive with his hair down and never puts on makeup. According to a poll conducted among women fans of Hunter x Hunter anime, out of the 16 said that Hisoka is very hot and handsome when he puts his hair down. He is a gorgeous man. 

He does everything flawlessly. Although, many people will think that it is accurate as He is also known as “pedo.” But he is not handsome for any person, which makes Hisoka break down. The situation on the Greed Island, where Hisoka glared, makes many things clear. Hisoka looks mysterious and flimsy with his hair down.

What Episodes Does Hisoka With His Hair Down?

Handsome Hisoka’s hair was down in the 68th episode (2011) of Hunter x Hunter. The first episode of Hutner x Hunter was aired on February 24th, 2013. Throughout the anime, the hairstyle of Hisoka does not remain the same; there is no consistency in his hairstyle. The Hunter x Hunter versions of 1999 and 2011 are different. 

There are various aspects of his appearance in the anime, including his hairstyle like other characters. However, in the 1999 version, Hisoka has blue hair throughout the show. The 2011 series of Hunter x Hunter describes Hisoka’s hair. In some cases, his hair was magenta and red. Like Hisoka’s hair, his eyes color was also inconsistent in the two anime series. His eyes were yellow in 2011 and blue in the 1999 series. 

What Happens To Hisoka On Greed Island?

Gon asks Hisoka why he went to Greed Island as Hisoka puts on his clothes. Hisoka decides to tell the truth. Hisoka already knows that Killua and Gon will stop the spiders from analyzing the location of Nen Exorcist. Later, he explains that he is searching for Chrollo and shows the chances of removing the Kurapika’s chain. He is looking for Chrollo to give him all the information. He knows that only a few spiders are keen on the game. So in that way, he decides to use Chrollo’s name. Hisoka turns to ask about the reason why they arrived at him. Gon says nothing about this.

But Biscuit interrupts. He wants to look adorable before Hisoka and invites him to join his team. Hisoka was ready to join his team without any hesitation. However, her friends are a bit furious with her. Her friends tell her that they are wrong. Hisoka was lying. Hisoka recommends visiting The City of Love and looking for another partner. 

Does Hisoka Team Up With Gon On Green Island?

Killua asks Biscuit about the lie of Hisoka when they are on their way. She replied that Hisoka was not telling the truth. She said that she had been a deceiver for the past fifty years to easily detect Hisoka’s lies as she would keep the man in the loop. He is starring in Killua’s and Gon’s rear. They can see something weird and insist Hisoka come forward. Hisoka realized that he needed ten more men to complete the group. Goreinu thinks that no one has such a keen interest in playing cards. 

Biscuit is watching all these situations and is assured that he is hiding something. When Hisoka watched him, biscuits turned into an innocent side. Hisoka asks about the Goreinu’s magic that helps them to discover Hisoka. In addition, Killua starts to investigate Hisoka’s instability in his explanation. 

At Which Place Did Hisoka Put His Hair Down?

Hisoka with his hair down in the Greed Island arc. Hisoka has many talents in himself. Although, he also wears many costumes. Fans of Hunter x Hunter have been very much curious about that for a long time. Also, not the new audience may know that the magician alters his appearance at the start of each episode. But his overall look remained the same. However, his color changes frequently and may add an accessory to him. Hisoka also puts his hair down sometimes, as he did in the Greed Island arc.


Hisoka has shown many variations in his hairstyle and hair color throughout the Hunter x Hunter series. However, he looks soo hot in his hair down. Hisoka with his hair down in the 68th episode of the 2011 anime series. Hisoka put his hair down in the Greed Island arc. 

In some series, his hair was blue, and sometimes he had read or magenta hair color. According to fans, he looks handsome and hot in his hair down. The audience much likes this hairstyle. However, he also looks flimsy and mysterious. However, at the start of each episode, the magician alters his appearance, but his overall look remains the same. 




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