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How many college games in 2k23? | NBA 2K23 – Newsvoice1

There are nine games in which players must compete on high school and college level play days. It is mandatory, and all players must play these games before turning pro and playing in an established NBA 2K23 club.

Similar to last year’s MyPlayer mode, the NBA 2K23 allows players to experience the life cycle of young basketball talent on their way to the NBA. This year’s MyPlayer story begins in high school, where players become members of the Newark Eagles. From there, they choose one of the ten universities to attend. These universities include Texas Tech, Florida, Gonzaga, UConn, UCLA, Villanova University, Michigan State, West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Syracuse. By performing at the high school level, these universities are available. Then you will select your favorite. 

How many college games can you play on NBA 2K23? 

Before explaining how many college games there are in the NBA 2K23, reading this article pointed out that if you are dying to get down to the neighborhood, you can shoot the hoops on the new 2K beachfront playground. Therefore, you may be pleased to know that you can skip the entire MyCareer plot if necessary and go directly to the NBA Draft. Along the way, you’ll miss the opportunity to win stories and badges, but if you want to dive directly into the action, select your neighborhood from the menu screen and start.

Players have the opportunity to play a total of nine college games to improve their draft status. But the age young players join the NBA, players can join the NBA Draft after four games. Please note that players who enrolled in the NBA Draft early may not have improved their draft status as much as possible. It will allow you to be elected in later rounds and earn a lower starting salary. Players trying to maximize this starting salary must complete all nine college games.

Total College Games in NBA 2K23

Before joining the NBA Draft, there are nine college games you can play as part of your campaign. However, keep in mind that you can opt in early to the NBA Draft and skip the rest of the campaign once the four college matches are over. As mentioned above, you can select this option from the menu screen. However, keep in mind that if you participate in the NBA Draft, you may be elected in a later round. That means that your first professional season salary will be lower.

After completing the nine college games, you will be prompted to enter a draft and select an agent (Harper Dell or Archie). The former has lower overall payments due to contractual fees but soon has access to much larger sponsors. Archie will take longer to get a better deal but will get a more significant cut from each sponsor he secures. Significantly, Archie can also increase your fans during a Playground match. Therefore, if you plan to spend most of your time there, it’s worth considering.

What is the best NBA 2K23 build for MyPlayer and MyCareer? 

Much of the NBA 2K23 experience is to develop your player for use in long shadow campaigns, My Career Mode, and most importantly, in Citi and Neighborhood. Building an individual player is highly dependent on how you play the game. Still, if you need help, we’ve put together this guide, and the best NBA 2K23 builds so you can start in different positions.

These builds can earn multiple Hall of Fame insignia in critical areas while highlighting key attributes to improve where you want to play. Depending on how you play, these guidelines may (and should) deviate from the guidelines below, but these NBA 2K23 builds provide a good foundation for your work.

NBA 2K23 Versions: PS5 and PS4

NBA 2K23 introduces a significant change to the PS5’s NBA 2K23 MyPlayer Builder. So this page contains two sets of best builds for MyPlayer in MyCareer for PS5 and PS4 versions of the game. Next-generation versions of the game usually streamline MyPlayerBuilder without sacrificing depth. You no longer have to select a skill breakdown or a pie chart for your physical profile. Badges have also changed, some new badges have been added, and some old badges have been removed.

Leading Positions of NBA 2K23 Builds

Below you can find the best NBA2K23 builds for MyPlayer and MyCareer in the five central positions. These are for the basketball court (center, power forward, small forward, shooting guard, point guard). If you are new to basketball and are unfamiliar with the roles and responsibilities of each position, you have rounded up to the next position. 


The center is usually the tallest, the strongest player on the team, usually under the basket. This player’s strength, size, and athletic ability are used to collect aggressive rebounds and create space for other attackers. Defensively, they are also used for defensive rebounds and shot-blocking.

Power Forward

Power forward is usually similar to the center in physics but often has slightly higher speed and firepower. This player is generally versatile and can be effective on both sides and around the court. 

Point Guards

These are usually the minor players on the team and are responsible for directing an offensive play by assisting their teammates and ending the turn.

Small Forward:  

It is usually shorter than power forwards and is generally jackpot fall trades. This player is often good at handling and passing the ball but is also usually one of the best shooters on the team.

Shooting Guards 

These are usually the fastest players on the team. This player is responsible for hitting the ball around the court, creating an aggressive play, and shooting. 

When creating a player build for MyPlayer in MyCareer, you need to determine the look and feel of the player. It’s possible to download the MyNBA2K23 app for smartphones and scan your face, but you don’t have to if you don’t need it. As you can imagine, the player’s appearance does not affect the performance. Still, you will spend a lot of time with the character, so take the time to settle for your favorite look. Pay attention to where you choose for your players. It also changes the way players approach blocks, dunks, and rebounds, so take a few minutes to think about which dominant hand you want your player to use. All in all, this is not very important, but it is still worth remembering.

Skills Distribution in NBA 2K23

Before developing your players, you need to choose a technical analysis pie chart that will affect your starting and max stats. The pie chart is divided into three percentages: Finish (blue), Throw (green), Set (yellow), and Defensive/Rebound (red). They are relatively obvious, but I’ll explain them below.


It affects how effectively you attack while painting. Here, the focus is on attributes such as close-up, driving dunk, and standing dunk. 

Shot Influence

Shots affect how effective an attack is off the field, such as when trying to throw a three-point shot or a free throw. 


The composition of the game has to do with your ability to move the ball well and deliver it to your teammates effectively. High pass accuracy and ball-handling ratings allow you to dribble accurately and engage others. 

Defense Ability

Rebound/Defend refers to the ability to block the opponent in internal defense and peripheral defense. It also affects the effectiveness of interceptions and the ability to hit offensive and defensive rebounds.

You should choose the skill analysis pie chart that best provides a platform to build the NBA 2K23 build you want. Below we’ve highlighted the staff you should select as our guide for each position. The Skill Breakdown aspect only applies to PS4 games, as 2K Sports changed MyPlayer Builder NBA 2K23 on PS5.

Physical Profile Status

The physical profile works similarly to the skill analysis. It requires you to re-select the pie charts that affect physical attributes such as agility (purple), strength (blue), and verticality (pink). Again, this is relatively self-explanatory, but I’ve included some additional explanations below. 

  1. Strength refers to a player’s ability to intercept enemies effectively and fight for positions in tight spaces.
  2. Agility refers to the player’s running speed and the time it takes to reach its maximum speed, Haste. 
  3. Vertical is probably the least obvious, but basically, it’s the speed at which you can reach the top of the jump. Therefore, if you create a player that relies on rebounds, you need an excellent vertical rating. It can also affect dunks. 

As with the skill distribution, you need to select a pie chart with a physical profile. It emphasizes the type of player you are creating. Below is a summary of the profiles to select for the sample build. Since 2K Sports has changed NBA 2K23’s MyPlayerBuilder for PS5, we need to add that the physics profile aspect only applies to PS4 games.



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