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How would a dog react if I tried to lick its face? 5 reasons why dogs lick?

Everybody loves animals, especially dogs because they are faithful and loving. Also, dogs have emotions in them, and they feel just like humans. Moreover, dogs do not only love but also protect you. People worldwide love dogs, and they treat them just like their family members. The dogs love their owners and would sacrifice their lives to protect their owners.

Reactions of dogs to licking their face

However, dogs can love you in different ways. For example, most dogs love their owners by licking their faces. Moreover, the owners also love their dogs by hugging them or softly putting their hands on them. Have you ever thought about how a dog would react if you tried to lick its face? Don’t worry. In this article, I will answer such a question. Also, I will tell the reasons why dogs lick. After reading the whole article, you will get all your answers hopefully.

What would be a dog’s reaction if I tried to lick its face?

Licking your dog’s face is not a good thing; however, it may not cause serious harm to you. But you must avoid licking your dog’s face. Moreover, dogs are famous for licking their owner’s faces. In this way, they show love and affection to their owners. Licking is proper communication. So, whenever your dog starts licking you, it means your dog wants something from you, whether it could be water or a meal.

In addition, the dogs also want love from their owners. But what if you start licking your dog’s face back? You may think that your dog will enjoy it, but it is the opposite. The dogs love to lick the face of their owners. However, they don’t like to be licked back by their owners. Moreover, the dogs become aggressive when you lick their faces. Moreover, dogs love to lick, but they react rudely if you ever try to lick their faces.

Why do dogs don’t like to be licked?

Animals have unpredictable natures. Moreover, you never know when an animal will turn wild. However, dogs are safe pets, and they are famous for their loyalty worldwide. But it doesn’t mean that the dogs don’t attack their owners. Mostly, the dogs love and care, but they can also become aggressive in some cases.

Moreover, the dogs love to lick their owner, but they don’t like it if you lick them back. Mostly, people think that their dogs will enjoy it if they lick them, but this is not the truth. Because dogs never like to be licked by someone, including their owners. I suggest you must not lick your dog’s face because your dog will not like this behavior and may become aggressive.

In addition, dogs can be dominant or submissive, and submissive dogs lick the dominant members for safety within a pack of canines. The same applies in a domestic situation where a dog expects his submissiveness to be given in one form or another after your dog licks you. Moreover, a dominant dog doesn’t lick an underdog as a sign of submission. So, when you lick your dog, it is similar to a dominant pack member licking a compliant dog. Therefore by licking your dog, you create confusion. Also, frustration increases due to this confusion, and ultimately your dog will become aggressive.

Other Reasons

Moreover, the dog becomes aggressive because you surrender your dominant position by licking him in the eyes o your dog. As a result, he will respond with aggression after considering you as a submissive. Your dog can go crazy if he doesn’t get back anything in return. Take the example of human beings to see how they react to anticipation. 

Consider a situation where you have performed very well in your work position. You receive applause from everyone, including your boss, and there is even talk of promotion and bonuses. Additionally, your CEO calls a meeting in his office, and you expect a bonus and promotion. But instead of getting a promotion and bonus, you get no bonus or promotion but a pat on your back and some wordy encouragement. You will become enraged. That is precisely what your dog feels when he anticipates a reward and gets nothing but a lick. Your dogs obey you just because he wants something in return except licking. So, if your dog doesn’t get anything as a reward but a lick, he will become aggressive.

Why do dogs get sad when you don’t let them lick your face?

You must not lick your dog because dog behavior develops hundreds of years of evolution since licking human beings and dogs don’t have the same meanings. Licking human beings enlightens their mood while licking dogs make them angry or aggressive. Moreover, note that humans and dogs cannot communicate in the same language. You communicate in your dog’s language, not yours if you lick your dog. Being a dog owner, you must beware of what your dog is trying to communicate with you. That means you must understand your dog. 

Moreover, it would be best to educate yourself before buying a dog. Most people think that licking their dog will make the dog happy, but it is the opposite because the dogs become aggressive when you lick them. In addition, if your family has multiple dogs, you must avoid licking a dominant dog in the existence of other pack members. Otherwise, you are sending a message to the top dog that he now is superior to you. Also, you are showing other dogs that you are inferior in position and have no power.

Some considerations and solutions for licking dogs back

Licking your dog makes your dog aggressive and rude and can make you ill due to several infections. According to a study, people who kiss their dogs frequently can get “Pasteurella multocida,” a bacteria present in 60% of dogs and 78% of cats. Dr says that you can get seriously sick if you contract Pasteurella multocida. Therefore, you should avoid kissing or licking your pets, especially dogs and cats. Clostridium and Campylobacter are microorganisms that can pass from dogs to humans and cause severe infections of the intestine and stomach. Consider giving your dog a belly or back rub, patting him, or cuddling instead of kissing or licking your dog.

5 reasons why dogs lick you?

Dogs love to lick because, in this way, they show their love and affection to their owners and friends. Dogs lick because

To show love

Dogs love to lick to show their love to people. Moreover, the dog’s brain frees endorphins that relax and calm them. Dogs are loving and caring animals, and licking is their favorite habit of showing love to their owners.

They love the taste

Your dog may lick you sometimes because he likes the taste. Moreover, we release certain salts from our skin due to sweating, the taste of which the dogs like. If you apply lotions and cream to your body, your dog may lick you to taste it.

To get attention

Many dogs love to get attention, and licking is a simple way for this purpose. The dogs start licking you if they feel neglected. Also, this can happen if the dog thinks that you are paying extra attention to another member of the family.

To convey a message

Dogs cannot communicate with humans, so they start licking you if they want to send you a message. You must check whether the water bowl is complete and if your dog is hungry.

Because they are not happy

Animals also have emotions, just like humans. Moreover, your dog may get stress, anxiety, fear, or even boredom. You must call your veterinarian if your dog is licking you abnormally.


Dogs are loving and caring animals. They are famous for their loyalty all over the world and also they can protect you. Dogs show their love by licking the face of their owners but being an owner of a dog, and you must not lick your dog. Because licking your dog can make him aggressive and rude. You can show your love to the dog by cuddling or patting his back. There are many reasons why dogs lick. The dogs lick because they want to show affection, like to taste, send a message, etc. I hope you find this article helpful regarding how a dog would react if you try to lick its face.



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