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Top 20 signs a married man is using you

We all want our relationships to be fulfilled. Still, it can sometimes be confusing if you are in a situation where you’re being taken advantage of by a married man. Being taken advantage of by men is one of the worst feelings in the world. Significantly when they believed, they gave each other their hearts. Please read this article to find signs that he is using you and learn how not to be used in a relationship. 

Why Married Men Prefer Dating Instead Of Living Sincerely With Their Wives? 

Marriage brings stability to a man’s life, and a married man cannot afford to lose it. Married men are attractive because of the positive effects of marriage. Additionally, men hate divorce. Because divorce means starting over, losing access to children, and losing assets and respect in society, they prefer to stay married but continue to date other women. And in most cases, the subject of divorce is women, not men.

The Most Significant Signs A Married Man Is Using You

  • He Won’t Let You Into The Conversation 

A study published at Harvard University found that interest in a partner fuels a relationship. Suppose your boyfriend doesn’t engage in conversations or isn’t interested in you and your life. In that case, it could signify that he wants only sex with you.

. He Only Contacts You To Ask For Sex 

Is he using me for sex? One of the main signs that he’s taking advantage of you is that he’s just coming for sex! You love your boyfriend. If he only contacts you late at night, chances are he won’t reciprocate your warm, hazy feelings.

  • He Doesn’t Discuss His Friends Or Family 

Couples with intense bonding and affection want to get to know each other, including meeting family and friends. If you’ve been together for a while but haven’t met his friend yet, you may have reason to be suspicious. Perhaps you are “another woman,” or his friends are unaware of your existence.

  • He Doesn’t Want To Go On Real Dates 

Netflix and vacations are okay sometimes, but you’re not his girlfriend if all your dates are at home or in a hotel. He likes to have sex with you, but he doesn’t want sex anymore.

  • He Avoids Sharing His Things

Do you share personal incidents and feelings, or do you usually spend time watching TV or exploring the physical side of a relationship? If you don’t know anything about your man personally, this is a sign that your connection isn’t as deep as you think.

  • He Doesn’t Want To Know About You

Men generally don’t want to have a personal relationship with women. This detail leads to feelings and obligations, which we try to avoid.

  • He Rejects You When You’re Not Having Sex 

Does he stop the conversation when he calls to get in touch and says you’re not interested right now? The married man taking advantage of you won’t put in the effort if you take sex off the table. 

  • He Lies To You

Everything he tells you is confirmed. Where does he work, and where does he live? Does he live alone, or does he still lives with his wife? Otherwise, he will be hiding those details later to limit how you can hurt him.

  • He Says To Divorce His Wife, But He Never Does 

 If you’ve ever dated a married man, you’ve probably heard this famous anecdote too many times. Although he insists that she no longer has feelings for her wife, he will never leave her. And if you think about it, why did he, who has the strengths of both worlds, open Pandora’s box and create a whirlwind of drama?

  • He Wants To Keep His Relationship A Secret 

A married man almost always swears a secret to her mistress and regularly threatens her to keep everything a secret. In the end, they don’t want to lose their comfortable suburban life with their perfect wife and children, but they can’t resist the thrill of playing with fire.

  • He Is A Manipulator 

Every time you see her lover, if she talks about how terrible her wife is and how hard she has helped him, an alarm bell will go off in her head with a deaf sound. Things can get ugly whenever there’s trouble in her marriage, but it seems suspicious to me to blame her pain on her wife and portray her as her villain. 

  • There Is No Romance Element Between Your Relation 

The bottom line is that he is there for one thing. And you guessed right. That’s what he doesn’t get at home. Sex is the only item he can focus on his agenda. With such a busy schedule, there is no time for romance. Well, it’s hard to balance family life and mystery when you have so much time in the day.

  • He Establishes Unlimited Boundaries

Maybe he can call from 10 to 11 PM on Wednesday and Friday or publicly can not communicate with you. Some borders are expected to look forward to this case, but they seem to be ashamed to be with you. It implies that he is just using you.

  • He Uses You Like Trash 

Married men talk about their children as stepmoms but never allow them to get to know them and build relationships formally. He will pour the stress on you, but he will not elevate you to his wife’s status.

  • When His Wife Calls, The Surroundings Should Be Quiet 

Another sign that a married man is taking advantage of you is that his wife will never know you exist. He can answer his wife’s call where you are, but he cannot answer your call where his wife is.

  • He Asks For Abortion 

If you omit pregnancy, he forces you to get an abortion.

  • He Visits Irregularly  

Sometimes you haven’t heard from him for days, sometimes weeks, and then he replies right away as if nothing had happened. The inconsistency of his intensity is shameful, but no matter how many times you talk about it, he never improves his communication.

  •  He Is Selfish In The Bedroom 

 Will he go home as soon as he’s done? If he isn’t interested in your pleasure, it’s time to reconsider where this relationship is going. 

  • He talks To Other Women 

 By definition, he is not exclusive of you when you are another woman. Most likely, he’s dating other people besides you and his wife at the same time.

  • He Buys You A Gift Whenever You Want To Reveal 

If he gets a new bracelet every time he says leaving his wife or tells people, you’re a couple, and he’s trying to buy your silence. He tells you that the relationship is commercial. If you stay quiet and give him what he wants, he will provide for you.

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Top 20 signs a married man is using you

Why Do Women Date A Married Man?

According to previous studies, single women find men more attractive when they think they are married than when they feel single. Isn’t it interesting? Because it will add a little more fun when they are single. Sneaking in, meeting up for sex in your hotel room, and keeping all of this a secret can be beautiful for a while, but it can be stressful too.

Often married men are resolved in life. When they are married, they can perform sustainable work. They are more stable in their homes and financially than a single partner. Women may respond to the deep evolutionary needs of those who can provide for them. Dr. Mesmoram said, “Most married men are settled in life. So, the idea of ​​risk to that social status can not resist women. For example, he may not want to appear in public with her. So she will make small sacrifices while adapting to his requirements.



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