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What Are The T14 Law Schools? Top 10 Best Law Schools In The USA 

There are 200 law schools in the USA accredited by ABA (American Bar Associate). Students have several options to select the best school for them. The number of law students is increasing and the number of law schools is also growing. However, suppose you are interested in law studies and willing to pursue your education in top-ranking schools. In that case, the T14 schools are the best options for you. 

Top Ranking Law Schools Of the USA

Suppose you are interested in finding a top-ranking school for your law degree. In that case, the T14 USA schools are the most exciting legal markets worldwide. Whether you are a student or interested in law studies, you will be familiar with T14. It denotes the top-ranking law schools in the US and throughout the world. 

The ranking of the schools depends on various factors, and it changes on an annual basis. Like other educational institutes (schools and colleges), these law schools determine the specific selection criteria. The ranking of these T14 schools depends on the last score, the GPA, employment rate, bar passage rates, and acceptance rates. These selection criteria help the students to find the best law school for them. 

A complete guideline of T14 schools about their GPA, LAST score, bar passage rate, and acceptance rate requirement is given below to help the student find the best option.

1 Yale law schools 3.94 173 98.9 7.4
2 Stanford Law School 3.89 171 98.2 10.5
3 Harvard Law School 3.92 173 98.9 13
4 Columbia Law School 3.84 172 96.4 16.7
5 University of Chicago law school 3.91 171 96.9 17.9
6 NewYork University School of Law 3.86 170 98 21.6
7 University of Pennsylvania law school 3.9 170 95.4 14.3
8 University of Virginia School of Law 3.91 168 98.4 14.1
9 University of California Berkeley School of Law 3.83 169 96.7 21.5
10 Duke University  Law School  3.82 169 97.5 22.3
11 University of Michigan Law School 3.84 169 93.7 16.4
12 Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law 3.86 169 96 19.2
13 Cornell Law School 3.86 168 95.7 21.3
14 UCLA School of Law 3.82 169 96 22.8


Top 10 Law Schools In The USA

  • Yale University law school

Yale law school is one of the top law schools worldwide, depending on scoring. This law school scored 100 with 4.8 peer assessments, and 4.7 assessments by judges and lawyers. The required GPA to enroll in this law school is 3.83-3.97. 83.3% of the students after graduation are employed. In jurisdiction, it scored 99% with 71% general jurisdiction’s bar passage rates.

  • Stanford University School of Law

This university was ranked in the top 3 universities around the globe and was founded in 1893. It ranked 2nd due to its excellent performance. Moreover, it scored 98 in the overall assessment with a 4.8 peer assessment rate and 4.8 reviews by lawyers and judges. A 3.79-3.95 percentile GPA is required for the undergraduate program.

  • Harvard Law School

It is the most prestigious university in the United States. It was founded in 1817 and is one of the oldest universities. Harvard is very well-known in movies. Due to its excellence and leadership, Harvard is one of the top 3 universities in the world of law. It scored 96 in the overall assessment with a 4.8 score in peer assessment and 4.8 scores by the lawyers and judges. 

  • Columbia Law School

It is the top 4 university located in New York City. It was founded in 1858. This school is renowned for its academic performance all over the world. However, they accommodate students with a 3.84 GPA, and its bar passage and acceptance score rate is 96.4 and 16.7, respectively.

  • University of Chicago law school

It is one of the most professional and prestigious law schools in Chicago. The University of Chicago is ranked among the top 5 universities. This university was founded in 1890 by Chicago’s president. Moreover, it is also among the T14 law schools in the United States. 

  • New York University School of Law:

New York is known as the state of fifteen law schools, and all of these are accredited by (ABA). In the academic ranking of law schools, the New York School of Law ranked number 6. It is one of the best law schools among all the new york law schools. It’s located in Greenwich Village, which is an excellent location. 

  • University of Pennsylvania law school

It is one of the former and most exceedingly selective schools for its performance in the past 30 years. It is also considered one of the top 3 business schools for law students.

  • University of Virginia School of Law

It is one of the best-renowned training law schools for students and lawyers worldwide. They provide high-quality education with excellent classrooms and experience. 

  • University of Virginia Berkeley School of Law

Depending upon the performance of law schools, it has ranked number 9 among the top US law schools. It is a prestigious institute with a rigorous academic schedule. 

  • Duke University Law School 

It is an excellent university that provides national and international students with employment opportunities. It is ranked 10th among the top 10 universities. 

How To Get Enrolled In T14 Law Schools?

The ranking of these schools depends upon their selection criteria as their students are their real assets and represent them worldwide. Therefore they are highly selective, and the stats mentioned earlier are crucial for getting yourself into these top-notch schools. 

  1. The first step is to obtain the highest GPA and maintain this GPA all over the academic period. Once you have the highest GPA and your application is under review, attach a law school personal statement.
  2.  No one can describe you more excellently than yourself. You have an open opportunity to explain why you are suitable for this program and what exceptional skills you have that make you superior to other candidates. 
  3. In addition to this, you must provide them with at least one or two-letter of recommendation to explain your abilities, intellect, and skills. It will give you a bonus point.

As the selection criteria of these law schools are very high, not everyone is not able to accomplish their admission. If you find yourself suitable for these schools, work hard to enroll. If you are still unsure about your abilities, then find some best law schools among 200 significant schools.



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