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What does “Dattebayo” mean in the Naruto Shippuden Episodes?

The Japanese word Dattebayo is often heard by fans watching Naruto anime or reading the original manga. In the English version of Naruto, Dattebayo word depicts the meaning of “Believe In.” Moreover it also gives the meaning of “connect” or “I’m right” in Portuguese. It is not a required translation. “Ttebayo” is just a slogan Naruto uses to make his phrase more original and unique. Naruto uses catchphrases at the end of most sentences to make his speeches memorable and distinguish them from other characters. Using the words seems hereditary, as Naruto inherited it from his mother, Kushina.

What Is The Real Meaning Of “Dattebayo” Word?

Anime depicts a great source of captivating words and expressions of Japanese. For the most part, they take Japanese from spoken language, so the animation is a valuable way to make Japanese more natural. But sometimes, what anime characters say doesn’t make much sense. Let’s take a look at Naruto’s catchphrase “~だってばよ” (Dattebayo) and see which category it falls. To better understand Dattebayo, we need to break it into individual parts. The first part of this phrase is a simple “yes” (だ). Used at the end of a sentence to describe something or explain it. It is the unofficial version of “desu.” An excellent way to think of it “as is” is only at the end of the sentence, not in the middle. Many agree that these usages of Dattebayo have not changed.

“Ttebayo” (ってばよ) is more controversial among translators. “Tte” (って) can be combined with “da” or “Bayo” (ばよ). The former forms the suffix “datte” (だって), indicating what is said. Ttebayo, on the other hand, can mean “to know.” The translator probably recognized the last meaning and used it by default. It is correct because Naruto wants people to understand his point of view.

More specifically, yo (よ) is an absolute statement of fact. It works almost identically to the exclamation mark in English. We often add “yo” to the end of a sentence to emphasize how certain or undeniable what we are saying. It usually follows the meaning of “yes,” which can confuse the translator. It might seem like unnecessary gibberish for those like “Tteba” in the middle of Naruto’s catchphrase, so I’ll keep it simple.

Why “Dattebayo” Is The Most Used Word By Naruto?

In Naruto, this expression is spoken alone or added to the end of other words spoken by the protagonist Naruto. Translated as “Believe it!” but in English, this quotation has no special meaning. It simply adds enthusiasm and unique childlike cheekiness to Naruto’s dialogue. It means you shouldn’t use “だってばよ” when speaking in Japanese (unless you want to let people know that you love Naruto). However, the individual parts of the expression are meaningful. Naruto says “believe” exactly 234 times in the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series. In later Naruto Shippuden, Naruto stopped speaking “Dattebayo” several times as he did in the early episodes. However, he still uses the password a limited number of times.

Japanese Believes “Dattebayo” As A Source Of Expressions

It can be a bit disappointing to learn that だってばよ doesn’t mean anything in Japanese. If that’s a consolation, given the number of questions posted on Japanese Q&A sites, many Japanese don’t understand this expression very well. There are the most well-known or exciting answers to the meaning of だってばよ in Japanese, taken from Yahoo Japan’s Chiebukuro service. Most Japanese think だってばよ is the coin of Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of the Naruto series, and is essentially a replacement for よ. Miserably, I haven’t been able to find an actual Kishimoto quote that explains the phrase or that I’m sure he coined the word.

“Dattebayo” Importance in Anime Naruto Series

Dattebayo [だってばよ] which is a Japanese emotion or expression of the protagonist Naruto uses at the end of his sentences. In general, if you look at the subtitles, you will see no correct translation for this word. Datbayo’s words only emphasize what he just said. In fact, in Naruto anime and manga, dat tebayo is part of the Japanese dialect that Naruto inherited from his mother. He doesn’t just say dattebayo, ttebayo, or bayo. It all depends on the phrase Naruto uses. There is a deeper meaning behind Naruto’s expressions. Naruto has a unique speaking style because Naruto often ends sentences with “dattebayo” or “Ttebayo.” In Japanese, you can add meaningless conclusions to make the tone rougher, childish, girly, or many other variations depending on the many endings.

In which episodes does Naruto Use The Word Dattebayo? 

From Chapter 492 of Naruto: Shippuden and Episode 243, “Tatebayo” depicts the meaning of “I believe it,” more loosely, “I know.” Moreover, in episode 232, Kiba uses Shikamaru’s “Mendokuse ” verbal tic to talk to his companions. In the Japanese series of Naruto Episode 101, Sakura uses Naruto’s “Tatebayo!” to scare the Moya Triad. After Naruto and Killer B tricked him, Yamato used B’s catchphrase as rage.

Does Naruto use the word believe? 

It is meaningless, but Naruto would often say “believe” in the anime and clap or lip-sync “Ttebayo.” The first two letters in this Dattebayo phrase are silent. So it sounds like “Ttebayo.” “Dattebayo” or “Believe it” is Naruto’s catchphrase, which he uses in most sentences. “Dattebayo” or “Believe it” is Naruto’s catchphrase, which he uses in most sentences. It made Naruto’s speech more unique and distinct.

Concluding Thoughts

“Dattebayo” is a quotation normally pre-owned by Naruto in the Naruto series, which he inherited from his mother Kushina, who says “dattebane.” Dattebayo translates as “believe” in the English dub, “hold on your opinions.” The critical takeaway from Naruto’s dattebayo is that he makes a statement. Nindo Naruto or “The Road of Ninja” never takes his word back. When he says Dattabayo, he makes a kind of promise that he will keep his word. Since the catchphrase cannot be translated directly into English, any localizer can enjoy creative freedom. However, it must convey that Naruto’s firm will be a proper translation.



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