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Who Would Win In A Fight Between Galactus And Thanos

Fans of Marvel wonder that Is Thanos strong enough to defeat Galactus? In this guide, we will give you a detailed answer. Galactus and Thanos are strong creatures of the Marvel Universe. These two have incredible superpowers. Let’s have a detailed look at their powers and abilities. 

Galactus Or Thanos – Which One Has More Powers?

Thanos and Galactus are incredibly powerful characters. In the galaxy, both Thanos and Galactus have threatened life many times. Because of the damage results due to their superpowers they are called celestial beings. Here we discuss the incredible powers of Thanos and Galactus 

Thanos’s Powers

Thanos’s incredible abilities and skills make Thanos an excellent rival. Some of his abilities are mentioned below:

  • Firstly, Thanos is a natural-born military leader. 
  • Thanos is good at hand-to-hand combat.
  • He has an unbelievable strength level of fighting as well as he has incredible speed and stamina and is mainly invulnerable.
  • Thanos has telepathic powers and has unbelievable intelligence that makes it hard for psychic attacks.
  • He is a Demi-god and Titan which makes him a threatening opponent against the heroes. 

Thanos’s powers become very much endless with the infinity gauntlet. However, in this fight, he doesnot have a gauntlet. But without gauntlet, he has still many amazing powers. Thanos has the ability to withstand attacks that may ruin a planet. Moreover, he can manipulate matter and has many other strong pathetic powers. He can also make powerful and unique clones of himself called Thanos that he use to do his bidding. So these powers and abilities make him the strongest villain in the Marvel universe. However, these powers may not be sufficient to defeat Galactus. 

Galactus’s Powers 

In the Marvel series, Galactus persists the “big crunch” of one universe. Then he has created at the onset of another universe. 

  • He has unlimited cosmic powers and his enthusiasm for devouring a new world is never-ending. He has deported himself in the past, somehow to stop his hunger.
  • Galactus can kill Thanos which reveals that Thanos lacks an Infinity gauntlet.
  • In addition, it is possible that Thanos clicked his fingers and erase Galactus from reality, so Galactus can create and destroy matter, so he could resurrect himself. On the other hand, Thanos cannot do this. 

Fight Between Thanos vs. Galactus

There are many parameters on which they fight, here we discuss some facts on Galactus and Thanos and who would win in the fight between these two.

Level – 1: Intelligence-Based Fight 

The first round of the fight is based on Intellect. Thanos has great intellectual intelligence. In youth, despite his deformation, he is a genius of his kind. He can plan on a long-term basis. His long life allowed him to refine his intelligence level to the highest level which makes him the most intelligent being in the universe. 

On the other hand, Galactus has existed for 20 billion years. Could Thanos’s and Galactus’s abilities match with each other? Galactus no doubt is very smart but he cannot use his mind like Thanos. Thanos is a master tactician and trains his brain, he easily devises his amazing plans. The most harmful weapon of Thanos is his mind.

Level – 2: Immortality 

Galactus consider the oldest living entity. Galactus is immortal if someone kills him, he has the ability to resurrect. He is also immune to all the infections and diseases and is also immune to the effects of aging. However, Thanos has banned his death from entering into the realm, causing him immortal. Thanos is thousand years old while Galactus is an ageless being and immortal. 

Level – 3: Based On Fighting Skills

Thanos is highly tough in hand-to-hand battles. He is mainly skillful as he uses a combination of his physical and energy-controlled powers in the battles. He is a good swordsman and conquers the whole world exerting his scythe to slice numerous foes. On the other hand, Galactus never learned how to fight as he has not used his skills in a fight. He is neither agile nor has good reflexes. 

Level – 4: Allies

Thanos army is Black Order. This is an elite team that uses its superpowers to serve its adoptive father Thanos. Thanos has six adoptive children. So Thanos’s children follow him blindly. Galactus also has his army. Galactus also uses Heralds to find the cosmos. His main job is to find new planets for his consumption. So he has given a part of his abilities or powers to these chosen Heralds. However, there is not a very high number of Herald that is enough for him to be considered as an army but they are so strong that will announce a tie on this level.

Level – 5: Powers 

Hulk and Doomsday, the two superheroes are incredibly strong. In the end, it is Galactus’s Infinity Gauntlet vs. Thanos’s power cosmic. There is cosmic energy inside the Galactus that emerges when he consumes planets. If Thanos is wearing the Infinity Gauntlet at all times that is the only way to overcome Galactus. 

His biggest achievement was to fight for the right cosmic weapons, the Gauntlet, and to gather these amazing forces of nature, the Stone to handle them. This space stone can contract the Galactus to a peanut size creature. With the help of Reality stone, he can make blind by wrapping the reality around him. Thanos can also use Time stone. This will reverse the event if he gets hit. 

Last Level – Who Won The Fight?

To conclude, Galactus is very strong if doesnot have a gauntlet. Thanos is downright a God, with the gauntlet. However, Thanos should think while he plans to kill Galactus as it destroys and defeats the universe. The death of Galactus will release the abraxas in-universe that end all the life in the galaxy. On other hand, Thanos will most probably succeed. So it is obvious that Thanos Wins.


Galactus has the power to destroy the world. His powers and abilities devastated the planets. With all the six infinity stones Thanos can defeat the Galactus. It depends on the power level of Galactus at that time. 



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