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Why are the Eldians and Marley fighting on Titan? Are they hate each other?

The history between Eldian and Marley is bloody and rewritten for many years. Merleyans surrendered to Fritz Marley consider a strong nation in ancient times. Around 2,000 years ago, Ymir an Eldians slave gained the power of Titans. Fritz uses her powers to defeat and surrender Marley. As a fact, Marleyans hate Eldians as they were the former oppressors. The Eldians that are in the internment zones do not like Eldians on Island as they see them as remains of the old Eldains Empire. 

Power is the main reason behind Marley seeking the Foundation Titan. Titans eat humans as they have a subconscious wish to regain their humanity – a way to regain their humanity is by consuming one of the Nine Titan shifters. Out of the Nine Titans, Foundation Titan is the strongest. 

The founding Titan is the strong and most powerful Titan in this series. As he can control the minds, memories, and bodies of Eldians and other Titans, this Titan stands above all of the other eight Titans. All Titans are initially from the race of humans also called Subjects of Ymir. Ymir was the first Titan when she links with a spine-like creature in a tree. 

Who Was Right In The Fight – Elidia Or Marley? 

It is difficult to say that who is right or wrong but both of these islands went through oppressive phases, although, most fans are on the Eldians side because the series begins with the Eldians race stance. Fans also noticed that their favorite characters die due to Marley’s involvement. It is fair to say that no one is on the right side as much blood was shed due to the battles that could be avoided. The forces from Marleyans people, Eldian people, and the people in between who fight to the death for their freedom. 

Marleyans And Eldians – Do They Hate Each Other? 

The Marley was in a state of war with Eldia. The Marleyans hate Eldians which grow over time as they saw the Eldians are a threat to them. As far as war is concerned these two nations were not on good terms. Marley’s two races are Eldians and Marleyans. It is a clash between these two empires for many years. 

Over years, the Marley is the ruling empire, while Eldians were the second-class citizens. Rulers who gain power much impact this nation, and their views can affect what people think. Eldians and Marleyans have a long history of hate, struggle, and conflict. It is difficult to understand why these two races are soo distinct but there are many different theories. 

One theory says that friction stalks from genetic contrasts in the two groups. According to another theory, Marleyans feel afraid of the Eldian nation because their greater intellect makes them different from the rest of the population. 

Eldian And Marley – Why Are They Fighting On Titan?

  • Marley Attack On Titan

The Eldians have a history of suppressing the Marleyans, starting with creating the island called Paradis Island. The Eldians dominate the Marleyans people. By the defeat resulting from the war, they do not have to maintain their dominance. 

On the other hand, Marleyans assist their army by using the Eldians talents to make their military a superpower. However, Marley tricks the Eldians by falsely accusing them of being devils to brainwash them into the destroying paradise to steal the Titan’s power, grow powerful and conquer the world. After the Eldians live within the walls of Marley as a refuge, they face strict cultural and social norms. 

Eldians within the restricted walls of Marley will get their freedom. However, some think that the fight against the Titans keeps them safe, and they can do anything to save their home. Eldians were forced to fight for the Marleyan army. Although they are not allowed to reach Eldians civilians. This is not because they hate their race but due to the fear of revealing the facts of the small Eldian minority left.

According to the data, the Eldians are freely fighting for the Marley in Attack on Titan. Some ideas show that they hate each other or they may be forced into service. Still some historians believe thinks that they feel inferior in the native countries of the Eldian Empire. They were treated as second-class citizens or slaves and they were often killed by others.

  • Eldians Attack On Titan

The Eldians are a race sealed up inside the walled cities by the oppressive government. As they were restricted to these enclosed cities, they attempt to be free and spread their revolution by failing miserably at every turn. Furthermore, Eldians live where Titans continue to scare the population, and their last hope is to assure the safety of the walls. Eldians warriors train from a very young age to save both soldiers and civilians. As more Titans enter the human race in the recent few years, Titan attacks have also risen. 

Eldians And Marleyans – Are They Two Different Nations?

Eldians and Marleyans have two different cultures from the popular anime series “Attack on Titan”. Marley belongs to the outer Reiss wall while Eldians earlier reside to Paradis Island is outside the three walls that guard their society. In this movie, the Titans consume humans for some reason. 

Eldians and the Marleyans live on the opposite side of the extensive wall. The Eldians live on the deprived and poor side of the wall while the Marleyans are on the side with power and all the resources. The Marleyans feel superior to Eldians as they have more powers and have more privilege in society.  


Eldian is descendants of Fritz who is the king of the Eldia, 2000 years back. When the Eldians people weaken then they become oppressed by the Marleyans and there is no other option than to flee. It is hard to say who is right or wrong in the fight between Eldia and Marleyans. Eldians fight for the Marley as they believe that they are inferior. Eldians think that they save themselves by working for the Marley.



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